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Being active has shown to be good for everyone’s health but little did people know that doing too much has resulted in bad health as well.  Research has shown that if a white man works up to seven hours a week he is more likely to suffer from heart disease.  They think that too much exercise can cause too much stress on the arteries.  It has shown that about 86% of men who work on a regular basis can end up with build up of plaque in the heart arteries by their middle ages.  Also doing the same workouts can stop making progress on your body and can make the brain bored of doing the same thing every time.  Working too hard can make your muscles ache more than the usual which means that your body isn’t repairing itself properly.  If you’re feeling more down after exercising then you’ve been working your body too much.  The body sometimes needs a week to recover fully or you might end up with depression, hard time sleeping, and/or reduced appetite.  There’s many ways to help repair your body for example, eating well, not staying up too late, no binge eating on cheat days, etc.  It has also been shown that your muscles grow when you rest.  Research has shown that in women, working out so much can affect them in many ways for example it can mess up their menstrual cycle.  Exercising has shown to help some women when they feel too bloated or have very strong cramps.  But someone who is underweight and they do too much heavy workouts then the body shuts down that function to conserve energy.  It’s also shown that it could cause infertility on women and men.  Since exercising too much it could cause a woman to stop her period or if losing too much body fat could affect her estrogen levels and cause irregular periods then that can make her infertile.  In men their body can overheat which can cause the sperm to die and he would be infertile.  Exercising can be good but over doing it can bring some consequences in certain people.