Before Chrome OS 64 Beta:However, As we are

Before We start talking about, What is Chrome OS (Operating System) 64 Beta ?, We should know that what is Chrome operating system (OS) ?, Chrome OS is design and powered by Google and that is based on the Linux Kernel, Chrome OS is partially developed under the open source Chromium OS project and most important point is here that it is used as Google Chrome web browser as main application to user interface and we can say that Chrome Operating System is primarily web application system, Google initially announced this program in July 2009 and initial release June 15, 2011.Asus Chromebook 15Chrome OS (Operating System):Chrome OS primarily support web application and it’s platforms  x86, ARMv7 and kernel type is monolithic (Linux kernel). Initially, Chrome OS was almost a pure web thin client operating system but in  September 2014, Google launched App Run time for chrome which allow certain poted Android Application that run on Chrome Operating system with four Android Application:Duolingo.Evernote.Sight Words.Vine.In April 2012, Google made the first update to Chrome OS’s user interface since the operating system had launched, introducing a hardware-accelerated window manager called “Aura” along with a conventional task-bar. Google integrates a media player into both Chrome OS and the Chrome browser, enabling users to play back MP3s, view JPEGs, and handle other multimedia files while off-line Chrome OS also includes an integrated file manager, resembling those found on other operating systems, with the ability to display directories and the files they contain from both Google Drive and local storage.Journey of Chrome Operating System is still in progress, Google has done a lot to improve the experience of running mobile apps on its browser-based operating system, and it appears a forthcoming software update could fix one of the remaining problems.Chrome OS (Operating System) 64 Beta:As per latest news by Chrome Unboxed released a new feature in Chrome OS 64 beta which called Android Parallel Task where user can run or operate continuously in the background even when you are switch between two or more program. As in Chrome Operating System already allow its user to have multiple program open and operate at the same time in both interface (Chrome OS, Android Application).Android Parallel Task In Chrome OS 64 Beta:However, As we are friendly with the Android Operating System where we switch between two or more application than generally former application pause or stop working until again we come on that application and pause it. But there are some exceptions like Spotify (like mp3s, for listening song). But application When running on Chrome OS, Android apps behave as though they are running on a mobile device like a phone or tablet, pausing their state when they aren’t actually on your screen but Chrome Os 64 Beta function (Android Parallel Task) is best for mobile phones but it does not make sense for the Windows operating system where already window is a multi-tasking operating interface and on window here is no mean which program is working or not.Well, Chrome OS 64 is still in beta, so it is unclear when Android Parallel Tasks will come to the operating system as a finished feature but we can hope Google will include it in the final version of Chrome Operating System 64.Source: Chrome Unboxed