Barack parents Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr.

Barack Obama, our forty fourth president of the United
States was born on august fourth, 1961 in Honolulu Hawaii. Obamas Parents met
in 1960 at the University of Hawaii. On February 2 1961 Obamas parents Ann
Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. got married on an island called Maui. Obama was
born at a Hospital at 1611 Bingham street named maternity and gynecological
hospital. After Obama was born his father Barack Obama Sr. continued with his
education at the University of Hawaii. Obamas mother Ann Dunham took Obama to
Washington where she studied at the University of Washington. Obama and his
mother lived in a apartment, After graduating With in economics Obamas father
moved to Massachusetts to study at Harvard University. Anne returned to
Honolulu with Obama and continued her education at the University of Hawaii. In
1965 when Barack Obama’s dad graduated and he returned to Kenya. In 1967 Obama
and his mother moved with his mom’s new husband named Soetoro in Jakarta
Indonesia. On 1971 Obama moved with his grandparents to Hawaii to attend fifth
grade. Obama chose to stay with his grandparents and to complete his high
school years. After being done with High school Obama moved to Los Angles in
1979 and he went to study at Occidental College. On February 18 1981 Obama made
his first speech. On the summer of 1981 Obama travelled to visit his family
that lived in Jakarta. Obama then transferred to a University in New York named
Columbia University where Obama majored in political Science. Obama lived
outside of campus in an apartment. Obama graduated from Columbia University in
1983. After his graduation he got employed at the Business International
Corporation And New York Public interest Research Group. Obama moved to Chicago
to work as a organizer after living in New York for 4 whole years. He worked
three years as a director of developing communities Project. Obamas annual
budget grew from 70 thousand dollars to 400 thousand dollars working at
Developing community’s project. Obama got accepted into Harvard law school in
1988. In 1990 was his second year at Harvard he was elected for president of
the law review. While in law school he met a woman named Michelle she was his
managing partner. When he graduated from Harvard in 1991 he returned to
Chicago. On 1992 Obama married Michelle and settled with her in a middle-class
neighborhood. On 1998 they had their first born in 1998 and their second child
born in 2001. Obama taught law at the University of Chicago law school for
twelve straight years. Obama worked as a full-time lawyer at a firm he was
involved in 30 cases. To assist in this there are many great books that talks
about Obama life. One book is Obama, Barack (1961) by St. James, which talk
about his career and life. The second book is Obama Administration where it
talks about his campaign and how became the president of the united states by
Ana Ochoa. The last source is Democratic Resurgence: Obama Wins by Eric
Bergeron, where it goes over how Obama won his presidency as the first black
president in the United States.          

Obama was the President of the
United States he became president on January 20 2009. Obamas first term was
about the global financial crisis. Obama was the first African American
President of the united states. He was known for talking about tax cuts, global
financial crisis, health care and more. The 2008 election was the 56th
quadrennial election. Obama ran as a democrat and john McCain ran is a
republican. On November 4, 2008, “52.9 percent of votes were in Obamas favor,
giving him a decisive victory” (27 James). Obama beat McCain in the popular
vote and the college vote. Obamas vote amount was 69.5 the highest a president
ever gotten. Obama signed “the Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act of 2009 and the
children’s health insurance program and won approval from congress budget resolution”
(James 29). This reform helped families with the unfair and inappropriate wage gap.
Obama was breaking the bush administration except the troops in right he
continued through on bush’s Iraq withdraw of troops. The troops withdraw began
in December of 2007 and completely ended in 2011. He supports the united
nations on sexual orientation and gender identity by lifting the seven-year ban
on funding for embryonic stem research, and he closed the Guantanamo bay
detention camp in Cuba. Sixty-five percent of people agreed on what Obama was
doing and twenty-nine percent disapproved according to a survey done on April.
One of the biggest things Obama has done is the Protection and Affordable Care
Act or also known as Obamacare. State congress signed a law by Obama on march
twenty third 2010. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act helped
estimated about twenty to twenty-four million people. The law said to improve
healthcare costs and improve quality. The Barack Obama Administration was
chartered as a tax increases on higher income Americans and designed to fund
healthcare. On April fifteen 2010 the space policy of Barack Obama administration
announced to increase funding for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space
Administration) by six billion dollars over five years.

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After four-year president Obama ran
again in 2012 against his nominee Mitt Romney. The 2012 election was the fifty
seventh quadrennial presidential election. The 2012 election was held on
November sixth. The democrat was Barack Obama and the republican was Mitt
Romney. Obamas running mate was Joe Biden and Mitt Romney running mate was Paul
Rayan. The 2012 election would be Obama’s second term of presidency. Obama got
both the popular vote and the electoral vote. Obama won mitt Romney to the
electoral vote by three hundred thirty-two to two hundred six and, Obama won
the state vote twenty-six to twenty-four.  Mitt Romney’s home state is Massachusetts and
Obamas home state is Illinois. Obama became the two term president to win both
votes since Ronald Reagan. An estimate of four hundred million dollars was
spent by Obama’s campaign and Obama supporters according to the Federal
Election Commission. Obama announced that he will be running for president
again in 2012 in a video named ”It Began with Us”.