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australian app developers How To Create a User-centric App That Has Potential to Capture Greater AudienceSummary: This article enumerates the chief principles that every app maker needs to follow for prioritising user-experience in their mobile applications. There are a plethora of innovative apps coming out on the market every day providing a wide range of services or utilities. Apps became a prime necessity for businesses today, which is the only reasons for all the app stores to get flooded with applications. While the competition is unbelievably tough, the app with better user-experience is going to steal the show, at the end. As businesses invest in app development, they realise later the real challenge lies ahead, which is making the app user-friendly and intuitive to the target user base. To make a winning mobile app, innovation needs to merge with usability. It is thus essential to consider a right approach in it its development with usability as a prior concern. Here are the key principles that every appreneur need to adhere to prioritize usability in their apps. Think from the perspective of usersThe makers of the app before they conceptualise a design for their app, need to think according to the mindset of the users and then blend features in it to deliver what they want. The key to developing an app that is user-friendly is recognising the expectations of the users rightly and incorporate the behavioural tendency of users in the app’s interface. Cleaner layout and presentation  The apps need to be good enough in appearance and have the clearer layout so that users do not get confused and can understand where to tap to proceed. Layout is the plan for organisation every element in a way that it best suits the eyes of the onlookers and also serves the purpose well. For a clearer layout in the app, developers must use bigger fonts, simpler commands, easy search options with plain colours and minimum use of graphics or animations. This makes everything pretty straightforward in the app and easy to use for the users. Error-free interfaceAn user-centric application does not only mean having offering refined usability but also making it absolutely free from any errors or technical glitches. Any app that breaks down often or is extremely slow is sure to turn off the users, even persuading them to uninstall it.  Thus, to make an appealing and fully user-centric, developers must care to run successive tests on the app and fix any impediments to help it run without any glitches. Ensure compatibility with devicesMakers of the apps have to ensure that they are compatible with all popular devices range and OS platforms in the market and takes account of the latest software updates. Many apps, later on, lose values as the developers failed to consider the new software releases. In such as case, despite being user-friendly,  an app can experience a major setback in its performance as it fails to run after the users update their devices’ operating system. Enhance the utility of app throughout its life cycle This states that the job of app developers continues after the complete development of an app, even if it satisfies all the business requirements perfectly. They have to make sure that features are modified with time as users’ preference shift and the utilities are improved from time to time during the life-cycle of the application. This is crucial because updating the app timely resolves the major challenges in regard to its user engagement and retention. These aforementioned rules are the key to develop an app that is user-centric and easy to use. However, to follow these, business owners certainly need a professional development team which can leverage state-of-the-art technologies to make an app user-friendly in every way.  Author one of hardworking Australian app developers at GetAPtogrammer, who have rich technology insights and in-depth experience in apps development. GetAProgrammer is an earmarked mobile app development company, based in Sydney, that crafts avant-garde mobile applications for businesses in diverse industry domains.