Attitude someone, you are tendering of a liberal

Attitude to Reduce Heart Disease & Inflammation – A New Study

What could be the ways of reducing heart disease and inflammation naturally? A new study has shown this positive attitude and thoughts can lead a better heart and free of inflammation. If you are grateful to someone, you are tendering of a liberal heart. When you intend to give gift anyone, then you are doing something more for people. Most of the time people don’t see the link. Your gratitude to people can take you a long distance with a good health.

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A Positive Attitude is Important for Good Heart

A family medicine professor from the University of California has performed a study recently in San Diego. The study was concluded that positive attitude is good to maintain a healthy heart. It can make you prepared to fight depression, minor stress and anxiety. These three things are directly linked to increase heart disease risk.

A Study on the Gratitude’s Benefits

Paul Mills, a professor, is researching for several decades on heart health and behavior. He has found a relationship between positive attitudes along with improvement of health. So, Mills decided to perform a study on human behavior.


For this purpose, Mills arranged 186 volunteers of men as well as women within the age limit of 66 years. All the performing volunteers were experiencing some sort of heart issues, including high blood pressure and even some are recovering from a heart attack. Then the volunteers filled a form with a list of ‘how they were grateful for family & friends and happiness.


In the wake of inspecting the surveys, Professor Mills inferred that the general people that were more thankful were among the most beneficial volunteers. He noticed a lessened event of wretchedness, better rest for examples, and more vitality in the volunteers that were exceptionally grateful.


Notwithstanding a survey, Mills additionally performed blood tests to quantify inflammation. The normal reaction of your body is inflammation to plaque development in the supply routes and to wounds or infection. Once more, the appreciative volunteers had lower levels of aggravation than volunteers that were less grateful.

More Study on Gratitude

The first study made pleased professor Mills. He decided to perform another research on this topic. He took only 40 patients who are having some sort of heart disease. Among the patients, half of them are requested to carry on a journal during the week and suggested to write down the things, which were grateful for them for each day. 


Mills tested the performing patients again after two months. He noticed that the majority of the patients who wrote in a diary had enhanced heart health contrasted with their starting health levels. Professor Mills was not astonished that the study upheld his unique examination, however, he was glad that a staggering rate of patients experienced enhanced thinking so as to wellbeing essentially about the things that they are for the most part grateful for.


So, make a little quantity of time each day to think or do something with a positive attitude of your life or your family/friend’s life. It can actually start improving your heart health and your mental health as well. It also helps reducing inflammation of heart and body.