At not create any problem, but sometimes

At last we say .NET Core platforms is
the best way to develop for multiple platforms.

The documentation isn’t as good as
languages like C#, PHP and Java that have strong object-oriented programming

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Weak in Mobile Computing. 7 Python is
not a perfect language for mobile development. Python has made its approach on
many desktop and server platforms, but it is a weak language for mobile
computing. This is the reason very few mobile applications are built with

It’s very slow. 6 A lot of times this
matter does not create any problem, but sometimes need another language for
better performance. Python executes with the help of an interpreter instead of
the compiler, which causes it to slow down because compilation and execution
help it to work normally. Lastly, we say “Speed is not a problem until it is a

Secondly, we discuss about Python.
Python is a widely used high-level object-oriented programming language for
general-purpose programming.

Poor Error Handling. it is widely
believed by all developers that PHP is not perfect for error handling. Because
PHP cannot search properly for errors and warning. PHP has less number of
debugging tools when compared to other programming languages.

PHP is weak type language. Careless
Developers might be surprised by the implicit transformation in the language.
This could consequently lead to bugs that are unexpected. For example, the
‘1e3’ and ‘1000’ strings are equally compared since they are cast implicitly
for point numbers floating.

Not suitable for large applications
because it’s Hard to maintain since it is not very modular 5. Some libraries
are written by a programmer which his/her needed and it may be difficult for
programmers with an OOP background to maintain.

we discuss about PHP
Hypertext Preprocessor. It is open source object
oriented programming language. It has many frameworks for application
development. Some drawbacks are discussed below.

develop our application with .NET Core Platform. But if we want to develop with
another language like PHP, Python etc. It’s possible but will face some
problems or disadvantages. We will not get better feedback on other platforms.
so, we choose .NET Core.