At the underlying issues behind certain depression symptoms

Banyan Detox Center, we offer a variety of therapy methods to specifically
treat addiction and mental health disorders. Each client receives a customized
treatment plan that includes a particular therapy approach that best suits that
individual. We provide interpersonal therapy for those who suffer from a mental
health disorder or even those with a dual-diagnosis. While interpersonal
therapy is most widely known to treat depression, this approach has also been
proven to effectively treat addiction as well as an eating disorder.


For those who suffer from depression
or other mood disorders, IPT effectively reduces common symptoms of that
disorder through treatment. This approach is centered on the idea that
relationships with people and how we interact with others considerably impacts
our mental health. During treatment, an individual has the opportunity to build
their social skills to enhance interpersonal relationships in their life. You
will be able to get to the root of your emotions during therapy and find the
necessary skills needed to solve problems. Helping individuals understand the
underlying issues behind certain depression symptoms really allows people to
heal and to increase their happiness. At Banyan Detox Center, our clients learn
how to resolve and repair relationships so that their mental health can

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What to Expect During


therapist works with an individual to help identify the interpersonal factors
that may be associated with their disorder and they find ways to overcome the
issue. By assessing the symptoms of a mental health disorder alongside the
relationships in that person’s life, a therapist can help that individual
strengthen the interpersonal skills needed to successfully lessen the symptoms
of their disorder.  Many people may not
realize that their mental health can be affected by the relationships surrounding
them and the conflicts that arise from negative ones. There are many benefits
to interpersonal therapy that include building a client’s confidence,
strengthening communication skills, and identifying ways to solve current and
future problems.


approach focuses on improving current relationships as well as giving
individuals the tools needed to solve conflicts with friends and family
members. IPT has been known to decrease depression symptoms once treatment is
completed and at Banyan Detox Center, we teach our clients how to handle
certain future situations that they may not have known how to react in the
past. It’s important to not dwell on past failed relationships. Rather, our
therapists work on strengthening current ones to improve an individual’s social
skills and this is a great way to move past any negativity. Treating a mental
health disorder or addiction requires a treatment plan that can include many
different treatment methods and the interpersonal
therapy approach may be right for you.


you or a loved one is suffering from a mental health disorder or a substance
abuse disorder, entering a treatment program that is truly customized will
increase the chances of a successful recovery. Banyan Detox center offers unique therapy methods as well
as detox programs for all who suffer. Contact our detox center today to learn
how we can help.