Assignment software should be made by a professional

Assignment II1. As discussed in class, there are many different types of software system and there is no universal set of software techniques that is applicable to these. The software engineering methods and tools used depend on attributes like the type of application being developed, the requirements of the customer and the background of the development team.Application developed: All projects are managed professionally and developed professionally. Different types of system use different techniques as appropriate for development. For example, games are always developed using series of prototypes. Other systems such as safety critical control systems needs requirements analyzed efficiently to be developed. Hence, there is no unique method that is better than rest and the best suitable technique always depends on the type of application being developed.Requirements of the customer: Customized products are those where the customers make decisions on software changes that are required unlike the generic products where the decisions on software change are made by the developer. Based on the product requirement, different software engineering techniques are used.Change requests and cost associated: Business software systems are prone to more number of change requests unlike the real-time systems. Real-time systems are extremely expensive to change; and business software systems change frequently in response to changing requirements.2. Certificate is a document that contains a statement that mentions the truth of something; specifically, a document certifying fulfillment of the requirements of practice in a field of study. Doctor’s and lawyer’s certificate recognizes them of their field of study and practice and hence gets the credibility in their area of work. Similarly, professional engineers should also be certified same as doctors and lawyers. This will help us by differentiate people who are eligible to carry the responsibility of creating technologies and fixing critical programing technologies with those who cannot. Software now are used in all types of industries and is extremely important in today’s world. There is a lot of influence on people by the software we create.For example, Healthcare IT developer develops medical-surgical robots. Such high potent software should be made by a professional with knowledge of programs.3. Business software systems are different from real-time systems in many ways like cost of production, number of change requests, complexities etc.Business software systems are prone to many and frequent change requests as and when the business or organization goal changes. Hence it is necessary to have an incremental development model such as a spiral model for such kind of software development system. This helps in reduction of production cost.In real-time system, there is a risk factor associated with frequent change requests and the cost is high for implementing the same. Usually, the goals and requirements for real-time systems are fixed and the development plan is created and fixed in the early stage. Such systems use models like the water fall model where the occurrences of changes are minimum.