As I can focus on their individual needs

As a future educator,
there are many qualities that are expected from me to pursue this profession
like being organized, being relatable, being adaptable, and so many more. A
skill highlight for me is that I am a very organized person because I am very
meticulous when it comes to how things should look like and in a classroom
organization is essential because teachers are relied upon to fill numerous roles,
some that have little to do with the topic being taught. In any case, the glue
that can hold all of this together for teachers is simply the ability to be
organized themselves, their classroom, and their students. Being relatable to
my students is important to me because as a future instructor, it is my job to
convince students how this work pertains to their everyday lives and future. Students
want to understand why the content is worthy of their time and effort. Students
are looking for relevance and my ability to draw a connection to their own
lives is going to help my students become more involved and engaged in the
classroom. In my professional life, a lot of my experience comes from teaching
kids how to swim as a lifeguard and a swim instructor. As an instructor to
kids, it is important for me to be adaptable because each child is different
and, as educators, we much acknowledge that. Being a lifeguard not only has
taught me to be very adaptable, but it has also taught me to be quick on my
feet. On the job anything can happen and this pertains to being a teacher in a
classroom. Teachers can plan their day perfectly but if something were to go
wrong, they must quickly know how to treat the situation and find a solution to
the problem. The most important quality is the ability to recognize is the
uniqueness of each individual child with his or her unique educational needs. My
philosophy of teaching is that every child is different and it is my job
that  I can focus on their individual
needs in order for them to reach their full potential as a student. I would try
to become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each student through
continuous assessments and observations. Once their strengths are identified, those
strengths are challenged and those weaknesses are nurtured.