As prepare them for decision-making and problem-solving situations

As an English teacher, I aim to make my students realize that genuine learning takes place when students are engaged.

Since time immemorial, Filipino students have been afraid of English as a subject for fear of being grammatically-incorrect. Thus, making English as a threatening and non-engaging subject matter.

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That is why as a modern English teacher, I make sure that my students do not feel intimidated by English. And I can achieve that by creating an environment that is friendly and non-threatening- an environment where my students can share their ideas freely and effectively.

I believe that students learn the language best by doing. So, as an English teacher, I supply them with hands-on activities that will make them understand the lessons easier. I believe that through hands-on activities, students will find the language easier to use in their own life. They will be able to realize that the concepts taught to them are not only for school setting but also for lifelong learning.

When I teach them grammar concepts, I provide them with real-life situations where they can apply what I have taught. I give them activities that will also enhance their creativity. For example, when teaching the types of sentences according to function, I give them an exercise to know if they had mastered the concept and a hands-on activity where they would write their own sentences with the help of a comic strip.

When teaching literature, I just don’t give my students recall questions but Higher Order Thinking Skills. These questions make them think deeply and reflectively. I believe when this is done, I prepare them for decision-making and problem-solving situations that might happen to them in the future. It also helps them to think outside the box; thus, critical thinking is honed.

Aside from these, I provide them activities that are necessary and practical like listening and following directions, filling-up forms, and speaking tasks. I believe that if they are able to master these skills, it will help them get by and survive in a fast-changing world.