As accept customer orders as well of

we choosed e-commerce industry for the project. I have learned some amazing new
facts about how e-commerce business runs via its website, what are the systems involved
in its commercial transactions. It’s not just a buying selling thing involved between
the two parties but many other things who play their virtual role in building
the relationship between these two parties in existence.  Something’s I have learned through research, some
by reading e-commerce blogs and the rest through my brother who is currently
doing some project in this business.

have learned that there are some needed mechanism to accept customer orders as
well of their payments and other various modules like product shipping module etc
who support the buying selling activity between the parties. Besides this, e-commerce
players also have to manage customer database to store their purchase history and
for product promotion, product management that to define product’s all features
required for product placement and its order fulfilment etc.

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issues which I observed during the work on project in this industry, are needed
to look on for the businesses to survive their self in a competitive market. Online
stores need to constantly improve and innovate their identity in terms of business
and technology. With the repetitive systems or without regular investment in
technology can lead to weak both progress and performance. The budget
allocation in respect of funds for investment in technology with the task of
identifying the most beneficial choice and evaluating its best return is one of
the big challenge for these business as well as convincing the senior management
will be another issue and for that to me the best choice should be of that kind
which supports the long-term corporate strategy of the business. Providing
training to its users when deploying new technology and full awareness in
regards to the requirements of how the new technology will be manage it going
forward along besides its implementation, needs enough staff along with the
right qualifications and enough time to support the updating technology. Another
major issue can be occur when customer approach the e-commerce site or he is
browsing but not making a purchase, for that these online stores need to rule
out what makes the customer to leave the site, what problems are not yet identified
by installing such helping software. Trust is another issue in this business,
it is an essential component in each step of the transaction as honest product
descriptions are priority of consumers, that’s why such stores need to describe
accurately their products and returns policy in order to retain the customer
traffic. To sum-up my learning, I would say that e-commerce business has several
moving parts and to be successful here, it is necessary for the players to
manage each one of them skillfully.