As is not exactly flying but gliding

As the year 2017 is coming to an end, we decided to bring you a list of top 5 kid protagonists in theworld of gaming. Though a lot of games have amazing main characters, child protagonists are still a raresight. Here is our list:1. South Park: The stick of truth.The first young protagonist to watch out would be 'The New Kid' a nameless, voiceless character fromunknown parts of the world. He moves to the sleepy mountain town of South Park and does notremember anything. All he knows about himself is that the lack of dialogue pertains to some terrible,forgotten secret his parents keep whispering about. But before he can spend any time worrying aboutthat, you're sent out into the town to make some friends.He finds himself in the battle between KKK (Kingdom of Kupa Keep) and the elvish faction.Their conflict? Control over the titular Stick of Truth, an item that, under the constantly changing rulesof their game, grants its wielder control over the entire universe.Official Link: truth2. A hat in timeThe title stars a top-hat wearing interstellar traveler who must journey through five different worlds tofind all the missing "timepieces" she lost from her spaceship before the evil Mustache Girl can take themfor herself.Official Link: Gravity Rush 2Kat, the main character of the game, can manipulate gravity and can decide which way is 'down'allowing her to find her way in the sky. It is not exactly flying but gliding through crowded cities andcrashing through crates.Gravity Rush was first released in 2012 and has become a cult favorite. Kat is a dark-skinned and blonde-haired girl who was formerly Queen Alua. Having started as a lost girl with no memory in Gravity rush,she is still a favorite. In Gravity Rush 2 is 17 years old.Official Link: RimeLike most stories, this one begins in the same way. A stormy sea, flashes of lightning and obviously ashipwreck. Then a child washed up on a deserted island and embarks on an epic journey.The kid protagonist is designed to be a non-gender specific finds itself in a delightful Prospero's island. Itis filled with wildlife, crumbling ruins and vertiginous towers.The warren of caverns, temples and mountain tops gives a limitless possibility. It can make you leap intothe azure of ocean or clamber up vines yet through clever manipulation of light and visual pointers; youare led inexorably down a more or less linear path.Official Link: ps4/5. HanazukiHanazuki, a girl star of a YouTube cartoon and toy line is the lead in the game. She encourages childrento understand and discuss their feelings and emotions. May it be happiness and fun or anger and fear.The whole theme of the game, show and toys are around nine emotions. The game revolves aroundusing Hanazuki's emotions to unlock "Moodlight Gardens" on an alien moon. The gameplay is a mixtureof role-play and strategy with right mood required to maximize resources.Official Link: child protagonist should be able to inspire and motivate the players. There maybe a few more who didnot make the list but our aim was to focus on child protagonists than visual effects.