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Are we really all equal? In this men dominated world, women are most often seen as less and are shut down and caged away from opportunities and prosperity. But some women are not silent and they fight back with teeth and nails; some men praise this while others loathe it. Feminism is a very opinionated subject and has been for a long time. Men often try to include their perspective on the subject through their works in forms of art, literature, and theater. In these works, women are portrayed as either strong individualistic characters or male-dependent fragile characters there is no in between. In The Scarlet letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hester is characterized as a strong female who defeats all adversities and is unbothered by the opinion of the Puritans.  Hawthorne’s piece of work is a feminist writing and this is expressed throughout the Dark Romance in various ways. Right from the beginning it is illustrated that Hester is not like other Puritan women; she wears the scarlet letter upon her bosom, which defines and isolates her. The scarlet letter brought her shame, despair, and solitude.These are her teachers and they help make her stronger. But if the scarlet letter that is embroidered on her chest had not been placed upon her, “Then, she might have come down in history, hand in hand with Ann Hutchinson, as the foundress of a religion sect. She might, in one of her phases, have been a prophetess”( Hawthorne 113), meaning that Hester would have been an ideal leader and an influence among the Puritans, especially women, if she had not sinned. Hester is portrayed by Hawthorne as a woman with an ethical heart who aids the sick and helps the poor, she is an honorable woman. Hester is not a typical stay at home, husband-obeying woman, she is free and independent. Not only did Hester Prynne help others but she also guided and became stronger for herself and little Pearl. Hester worked to provide a decent life for Pearl with a roof over her head and food on the table. She “had ready and fairly requited employment for as many hours as she saw fit to occupy with her needle” (Hawthorne 57). Hester does not let the letter “A” stop her from taking on handiwork and creating a life for herself and Pearl. Unlike most women living in a puritan community, she was not male dependent nor  weak. She raised Pearl by herself, which was not an easy job, since Pearl is a representation of Hester’s inner thoughts and actions which Hester tried so desperately to hide. But Hester loved Pearl with all her heart and fought against everyone including the governor, to keep Pearl by her side. Hester Prynne was not intimidated by men and proved the town wrong by showing them that she was an ideal mother for Pearl.Hester Prynne protected both Pearl and Arthur Dimmesdale from the judgment of society and endured the pain by herself for them. This just proves that she is a strong woman who can uphold anything, unlike her lover: a man who is a coward. Unlike Hester, Dimmesdale hides from society because he cares what people think. Hester “kept her place upon the pedestal of shame… She had borne… all that nature could endure” (Hawthorne 63). Hester was able to endure the public shame, unlike Dimmesdale, who worried too much about his reputation. In order to protect the people she loved, Pearl and Dimmesdale, Hester had to suffer and endure their pain. This just proved that Hester was a strong capable women.  Hester was a strong capable woman who sacrificed everything to protect Pearl and Dimmesdale. Hester showed that true feminism isn’t looking down on men, but standing up for her belief and protecting others.The Scarlet Letter is a feminist writing and  Hester is a feminist in every way and form, because Hester didn’t give in to humiliations she faced, but rather overcome it. This made her stronger and with this strength she was able to stand her ground and refuse to let her community know who Pearl’s father was. Hester Prynne is a woman which meant that her punishments and obstacles would be much more difficult to withstand. However, Hester endured it all. After breaking society’s rules she completely redefined the role of men and women and revealed the true capabilities of women. Hester Prynne is a true feminist and The Scarlet Letter is a feminist work.