April paranoid delusions, delusions of grandeur, and auditory

April 16 2007 Seung Hui Cho a junior at Virginia Tech left 32 dead and 17 injured. It became known as one of the deadliest school shooting. The Virginia Tech Massacre created awareness of mental illness, also it increased the awareness of gun control and the Rights to Bare Arms and many schools and colleges campuses increase their security and installed metal detectors.Mr Cho immigrated to the United States from Korea in 1992 with his family.In his early age he was very quiet and introverted from what his classmates could remember. During his college years he had little social life. But sometimes he fixed himself on women, both real and imaginary. Cho parents Sought out concuseling for Cho before he entrer seventh grade. In middle School he was in the Special Education Program for Emotional Disabilities and Speech and Language.Seung Hui Cho suffered for mental illness. Just  like many other school shooters. The typology of ten of the mass shooter fall into three types or categories:Traumatized,psychotic,and  psychopathic(Langman 3). he traumatized shooters all came from broken homes and they suffered physical or sexual abuses(Langman 3). “Each had at least one parent with substance abuse problems, and each had at least one parent with a criminal history”(Langman 3). “The psychotic shooters all came from intact families with no histories of abuse, parental substance abuse, or parental incarceration”(Langman 3). “The psychotic shooters exhibited symptoms of either schizophrenia or schizotypal personality disorder, including paranoid delusions, delusions of grandeur, and auditory hallucinations”(Langsman 3). “The psychopathic shooters also came from intact families with no histories of abuse or significant family dysfunction”(Langman 3). “They demonstrated narcissism, a lack of empathy, a lack of conscience, and sadistic behavior”(Langman 3). Seung was psychotic and was in a mental hospital in his life at some point.Seung Hui Cho was psychotic and had long history of social and emotional difficulties(Langman 5&6).When he was younger he spoke a little even with his family and even though he was very smart and well behave in school(Langmans 5).During college he showed negative for schizophrenia and speech and affective flattening ,even in class when spoken directly he did not answer And barely showed any emotions(Langman 6). But when he did speak, he often said things that marked him out to be delusion, he often said that he had a supermodel girlfriend from outer space but he often said she was imaginary(Langmans 6). Seung claimed that he knew Vladimir Putin and they grow up together in Russia and over Thanksgiving break he spent time with Putin.(Langman 6). “Seung’s manifesto about his attack gave evidence of grandiose and paranoid delusions. The grandiosity was seen when he compared himself to Moses: “Like Moses, I split the sea and lead my people” (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18195423/).He believed he was leading a mass movement of people and would go down in history as a great leader. His paranoia was seen in numerous comments about people trying to shed his blood and destroy him (Johnson, 2007). He believed that he was on the verge of annihilation and his attack was a response to attempts to destroy him”(Langman 6). Cho was very delusional and  showing signs of being  psychotic. In Cho Manifesto he writes about how people are out to destroy him. He also feels as he must save his people that have been hurt by Descendants of Satan Disguised as Devout Christians.  Could  mental illness connect to gun Violence and the access of guns.The Second Amendment ; is the rights to bear arms.When the founding father wrote the amendment they didn’t know how the world would turn out to be. Many children know where there mother and father put gun and even touched it.But many parents believe that their children don’t know where they have hidden their gun.  Many campus are still allowing the access on college campus like  Texas,Arkansas and ect. Many feel if we deny them the access of gun is not exercising the 2nd Amendment.The Virginia Tech raises many issues with security.”…the federal Department of Education in March of 2007, high school students applying to postsecondary institutions have no obligation to notify the institutions of any type of disability”(Students Killed in Virginia Tech Massacre).When Cho applied for Virginia Tech he had to summit his medical records. But his high school transcript never mentioned him being in a special education class in high school.  Therefore them never knowing of his mental state. But many people wondered how he was able to get two guns. ” Cho complied with federal laws by having that gun sent to a gun dealer in Virginia (where he resided). He picked up this gun on February 9, 2007, after presenting the store owner with three pieces of identification and passing a brief, computerized background check. Virginia’s gun ownership laws limit people without a special license to purchasing one gun a month. Cho complied with this law and waited a bit over a month before purchasing his second gun. On March 16, 2007, Cho went to a local gun dealer, showed the necessary identification, passed a computerized background check, and walked out with a second gun and ammunition”(Students Killed in Virginia Tech Massacre). If the firearm laws are stricter, than maybe Cho would have been able to get the guns. Also if he was evaluated longer and couuld have been considered unstable to purchase a gun. But also many people blame the response of poilce officers.  “The campus police received the first phone call reporting a shooting in a dormitory at about 7:15 am. Upon questioning students at the scene, police learned that Ms. Hilscher’s boyfriend owned guns and that the two had spent the weekend together. This led the police to assume that this was a lover’s spat that turned deadly. Rather than immediately alert everyone on campus that a killer was on the loose, the police decided to question Ms. Hilscher’s boyfriend. It was more than two hours later, at 9:26 am, before campus security alerted students and staff outside West Ambler Johnston Hall that a shooting had occurred; by this time, however, Cho was probably on his way to Norris Hall, where his second rampage took place”(Students Killed in Virginia Tech Massacre). If students and staff were nofied of the shooting that tookplace early that day. Then  maybe people coulod have been saved because they did not knowthe state of the boyfriend. Wheather or not he was able to kill again. “Finally, people have questioned the police response to the second attack, which lasted all of nine minutes. It took police forces about three minutes to arrive at Norris Hall from the time 9-1-1 received the call that shooting was taking place. When police arrived, they found the doors to the building locked from the inside. Following a similar massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado in 1999, police forces around the country updated their protocol for dealing with such events. Rather than wait for a SWAT team to arrive, the new protocol calls for the first four officers on the scene to storm the building in an effort to neutralize the shooters. Nevertheless, the police officers at Norris Hall waited five minutes before deciding to shoot through the locked doors to gain access to the building. Looking at the timeline, these five minutes appear crucial: had the police stormed the building 180 seconds into the rampage, it is possible that some lives could have been saved” (Students Killed in Virginia Tech Massacre).