Any then kicked the suspect in his abdominal

Any one  lie discovered is enough to question every truth. (insert cousins address). 10 years of  joyous celebration and festivities have left this home a sanctuary of harmony. The peaceful home standing since (HERE) has sheltered and showered all guests with comfort. The yearly Christmas Eve party brings together family sparsely seen throughout the year, being the meeting place for 20+ years, this (address home) home has become synonymous with a sanctuary. On such a lovely night many of the attendants allow themselves to relax, a perfect opportunity to observe lying. Accusatory statements regarding another individual’s alleged alcohol consumption, use of marijuana and or actions committed. Above are only an inkling of statements made by the teenagers of the party. Humans are natural liars which is a tactic developed and taught over time which we use to protect ourselves from harm, criticism, painful truth and to convince a rival to follow our beliefs. This characteristic can be observed through current events, understood through scientific evidence, and addressed within religious and philosophical texts. First, through current events the use of lying to protect oneself. On Monday, January 22, an Austin police officer was fired amidst a use of force lawsuit of a women he forcibly took a woman to the ground. In July of 2017 Bryan Richter lied about use of force in the planned arrest of a suspect for narcotics-related offenses. Richter was seen on aerial footage taking down the suspect, as the suspect lies on the ground “McCurley pushed another officer to the side… McCurley then kicked the suspect in his abdominal area while his hands were behind his back. Richter then placed his right foot on the suspects head” (Staff). Continued richter also struck the suspect again in the abdomen as a third officer went in to handcuff the suspect. McCurley’s failure to fully report the details of the incident led to him being fired as well. Richter’s long streak of lies caught up to him, after yet another outburst against a suspect, led to charges being filed. Richter lied to save himself from punishment in response to the way he carried out that arrest.