Another to today’s society. There is truth in

Another aspect worth mentioning about the
way the movie was shot, is the symbolism showcased through the recurring motif
of bricklaying. This represents the Lovings half-built future because they have
been declined from their foundations as a married couple; a sequence that
rapidly builds up due to the Jim Crow laws that still persist in Virginia at
the time. Although there are a few twists and turns throughout the film, it is
primarily a straightforward drama – something I truly appreciate, though this
might not be some people’s cup of tea since there is not much flashiness. One
of my favorite things about this movie is that it feels urgent and very current
to today’s society. There is truth in Richard and Mildred Loving’s story. There
is something about these two who simply wanted to start a family that is
timeless and always will be.

            I am glad I decided to watch this
movie. Seeing that the Lovings were not political people, their desire to be
able to go back home as a family and visit their relatives placed them in the
middle of a historical movement in America. Growing up, I learned much about
the Civil Rights Movement – the segregation of public schools and
transportation systems, the way thousands of blacks and white Americans
gathered in our nation’s capital to push for change, but never have I come
across the issue of interracial marriage and the problems our country faced
with this. After taking this course, I cannot help but think of this movie’s
issues in a basic human rights way.

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            Growing up, I learned the details of
our government’s power and individual rights. However, it seems like throughout
my education this topic was most stressed upon the issues of basic human and
political rights – women’s rights, the right to vote, the right to express
freedom of speech and religion, etc.… I never really took into consideration
the rights of marriage but this movie made me think twice, especially in terms
of what our Constitution has to say about interracial marriage.