Analysis without understanding the importance of fabric of

Analysis on critical literacy based on responses :

            Students showed keen interest in answering the
questions to check their critical literacy.The questions ameliorated their
vision in the cacophony environment of 21st century.The questions
triggered their minds to contemplate on unsophisticated but precariously
apocryphal certitudes.It provocated them to discern antiquated conjectures, scrutinize
context, introspect the prejudice of subconcious mind and seek unorthodox
retort.The students passed through five phases:

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Event :

Critical thinking is triggered when
someone enlighten his mind and go beyond egoic,self delusion and narrow-mindedness
to willingness of being present.It is triggered by some form of unconscious
resistance like question in this case.


In this phase agonizing pain or
suspicion emanate. This excruciating situation may lead to the enligthenment of
the concern.


In this phase students accept that
they were moving on treadmill of mind created by past experiences. They
enlighten to the fact that what they observe is based on their previous
knowledge. A higher level of consciousness has come in.

 Alternatives :

This phase is marked by pushing
yourself from shackles of egoic, self-centered and delusionary mind to the
heights of enlightenment and consciousness of present.At this moment, the
student adjudicate to go beyond the limits of brain and push himself to the new
horizons of creativity.


In this phase, students come up with
ideas and demiurgic skills to tackle the situation.In this case the student
clinch with the orthodox or get stuck with imagining the solutions.

·    Discern antiquated conjectures:                            

   The first question bolstered students to
cogently subterfuge them from universal fact and then asked them about their
perception. The question was based on the universal fact and an argument
denying that fact.


Question :


One student
said :

     “To some extent yes, but through
education we know whether or not our common sense is true.”

                   The response reflected that education
system delivers knowledge in chicanery manner without understanding the
importance of fabric of rationality.The students were given freedom of
standpoint to discern the antiquated conjectures and enunciate their own
opinion based on logical reasoning.The activity ameliorated the students to form their own opinion
explicating their viewpoint uninfluenced by their previous knowledge, egoic
mind, sociocentrism, bias and prejudice.

Introspect the prejudice of subconcious mind:

                        The second question
showed eclectically prevaricate image to the students and they were asked what
they see. 


This question checked the visual literacy of
students.In 1969 Debes offered a
tentative definition of the concept:

   “Visual literacy refers to a group of vision-competencies a human being
can develop by seeing and at the same time having and integrating other sensory

                          Students responded
differently to this picture.Some focused only on white colour and some on black
colour or both.The dominantly attracting part was white but the black part
depicted true critical thinking of the students.

Chart showing ratio of black and white responses :


One student
said :
I see two black faces arguing  and two
powers conflicting”

student said :

                                       “A curved glass in white
or funnel”

  The subconscious mind is more
attracted to white as it is one of the most tranquil hues and is linked with
purity and cleanliness whereas black colour is associated with mourning and
evil.This question hekped the students to look beyond the subconscious mind
which is controlling our feelings and actions.The mind makes image based on
past experiences and it plays with your present moment and we are not
completely alive in the present moment.The students came to know that it is the
subconscious mind which decides success and failure of person.