An main memory or disks. A distributed operating

An operating system is an appropriate class of software constructs for the ambition of coordinating and regulating the execution of operation in the computer and behaves as an interface between application programs and computer hardware. Typically, the end user observes the computer system in term of set of operation. User is unconcerned of computer hardware particulars. A distributed operating system looks at its users as an ordinary centralized operating system but runs on numerous autonomous connected systems. Distributed system uses various central processors to handle numerous Real-Time applications and different users. Data processing operation are allocated among the processors correspondingly. Processors communicate with one other through various lines (such as high-speed buses or telephone lines). Distributed systems do not share main memory or disks. A distributed operating system is radically a combination of processors linked to a communication network in which each processor has its individual local memory and peripheral devices and passing through the communication network between the system’s processor communications happen. The distributed operating system provides a mechanism in which the master operating system divides the job into various slaves and the processor assemble the outcome of all slaves and display the final result. Distributed operating system is an expansion of the network operating
system, where distributed operations are running on numerous computers linked
by communication. Distributed operating systems are organized in a way that
does not have entire information about the system environment. Resources in
distributed systems separated physically, there is no normal clock between
multiple processors, delivery of messages is delayed and messages can be missed
too. Despite all these complication and obstacles,
the distributed operating system should be formed in a manner that the user
could be capable to observe a distributed system as a virtual centralized
system that is flexible, reliable, secure and easy to use. In order to accomplish
this challenge, the designer of distributed operating systems should compromise
with many design issues. Some of them are as follows