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AMZ.One is a product that provides Amazon sellers a way of tracking and marketing the items that they are selling in a way that is not only easy, but efficient as well. With AMZ.One, the seller will be able to track Keyword rankings- which will show how high or low in rank a product is currently standing in the daily counter.  The seller is able to see up to 30,000 products in each category- lined up based on amount of sales. This is a nice tool to have when trying to decide whether or not a product will be worth the investment. The seller will also be able to see the sales of their competitors, launch their own products through the buyers club, catch negative reviews via notifications, analyze the quality of their page based on SEO, search online arbitrage using a tool, and so much more.  There are many things one needs to consider when choosing the perfect Amazon tool for them. This article will examine the key features and considerations that one needs to think about in regards to AMZ.One, as well as other Amazon tools- like AMZ.Tracker which is almost the identical to AMZ.One.  Features of AMZ.One:AMZ.One has a couple of different key features that could make the process of selling items on Amazon much easier. The tools that one will have access to, when using AMZ.One, will help a seller reach the maximum level of efficiency- via the fountain of information that becomes available after its use.  ? Keyword Rank Tracking: Experienced sellers know the importance of Keywords, especially when one considers how said keywords could potentially relate to the products that the seller is trying to sell. With AMZ.One, a seller can have access to daily rankings of the products that they are selling- along with their keywords of choice, and be able to figure the best way to market their products. ? Best Seller Ranking and Arbitrage: This is a tool that gives a seller access to their competitors. One would be able to easily spot the profit value of potential products and filter out the important things: like the price and available reviews. This will also give one the opportunity to search potential stores that will offer them the best prices available for said product. This includes every category, with a data cache of the top 30,000 products in each category- which means that one would have access to a well-organized and daily updated pool of information. ? Sales Tracking: This tool will give the seller access to the current sale volumes of any product that is presently being sold on Amazon. This is a tool that is best used for locating new and potentially profitable products, as well as a way of gaining insight to one’s competitors. It’s the best way for a seller to know what kind of products are worth the investment. ? On Page Analyzer: Although there are many people who would prefer to google the items that they might be interested in purchasing, most actual buyers use the Amazon search engine to look for the product that they need. In this case, the On Page Analyzer makes sure that the details of the product is completed- optimizing its visibility for potential buyers. ? Negative Review Notifications: The worst thing that could happen is to have a negative markup on your repertoire. Potential buyers are easily turned off by negative product reviews. This is why, it is of the utmost importance, that a seller get in contact with a buyer immediately- so that they are able to resolve the case and get a negative review removed. ? Super URL SEO tool: This is a tool that is very helpful in boosting a seller’s products up to the top of the top- increasing its level of visibility for potential buyers who use the Amazon search bar to located  the product that they want to buy. ? Email Notification: Sellers will be able to receive reports via email- which defeats the need of having to constantly visit the website for information. ? Keyword Research: The best, and easiest, way of searching up keywords that relate to the seller’s product. Pros of AMZ.One offers real-time data that allows the seller to track a variety of information- including sales and keywords.? AMZ.One is a mostly easy-to-use program.? Will help the seller improve the rankings of their products, which would result in further profit. ? Is supported in all Amazon sites.Cons of Some might struggle with understanding how the software works. ? Subscription price might seem steep for some. Support MarketplaceAMZ.One is supported in all Amazon websites. However, some tools- like the Best Sellers Ranking Took, are only available in choice marketplaces (specifically and PricingThere are four paid subscription levels, as well as a free trial. This free version only allows the tracking of 1 keyword and 1 product and is available only for 7 days.  Here are the rest of the packages available:  1. Basic: 20.00 US Dollars per month – Trackable 45 keywords and 20 products plus, access to review club and mail reports. 2. Standard: 40.00 US Dollars per month – Trackable 110 keywords and 50 products plus, access to review club,  mail report, and SEO and online arbitrage tools. 3. Advanced: 90.00 US Dollars per month – Trackable 500 keywords and 100 products plus, access to review club, mail reports, SEO and online arbitrage tools. 4. Professional: 180.00 US Dollars per month – Trackable 1500 keywords and 200 products plus, access to review club, mail reports, SEO and online arbitrage tools. AMZ.Tracker – Best Alternative to AMZ.oneOf course, there are alternatives to AMZ.One- the closest and best being AMZ Tracker. This is another service that offers a variety of tools that are meant to make the job of a seller much simpler than it had ever been before. It provides real-time tracking of sales volumes and products that could potentially provide profit.  Much like AMZ.One, this tracker has four different types of paid subscriptions plans available: Basic, Professional, God Mode, and Legend. There are also limitations to the tools that are dependant on the level of subscription that one chooses. Again, it works almost exactly the same as AMZ.One. However, the subscription packages are much larger- thus more expensive, and are available in yearly forms.