American the sacrifices that were made in order

history classes and textbooks tends to tell us about all the good things the
United States has done and all the sacrifices that were made in order to reach
where we are today. It
is made to seem that America would never do anything to harm another being or
race and that everyone simply obeyed all of the United States’ commands with no
questions asked.
We all happily coexisted with each other and the world was rainbows and
butterflies. However,
this is far from the truth and America is actually a mean bully who threatened
anyone who dares to step in their way. It is time for the harsh realities
of our nations’ past to be revealed and the truth be told of what actually
occurred in America. History
should be told for what it is, not for what you want someone to believe it is.

The United States has tried to
maintain a positive image throughout history despite their unforgiving past. According to Loewen, “Native
Americans have been the most lied-about subset in our population” (Loewen p.99). We are simply taught that the
Americans came to the west to obtain more land due to Manifest Destiny and the
Native Americans were removed from their land because the Americans wanted them
to leave.
The reality of this is that the Americans forcefully removed Native Americans
from their homes and killed the ones who didn’t cooperate. Textbooks don’t include this part partially
because we are taught that the United States is a land of dreams and
opportunities, no one is supposed to be getting hurt or killed since this is
where dreams become reality.
The other reason why textbooks don’t include the negative past of the US is because
good things happen to good people.
The US wants to tell us that they are good people and we got rewarded with
certain things like new lands because we do things that will only benefit us. They tried to play along with the
whole idea of being a good person by trying to make the Indians seems like the
The Native Americans are called savages and described as beasts in textbooks, so
the Europeans have a valid reason to enslave or kill the Indians. The last reason why textbooks lie
about history because we want to be known as winners or the most powerful. They were obviously battles where
the Europeans lost and that was shocking to some especially since the Europeans
were supposed to be stronger and better than the Indians. The Europeans were described as
strong and powerful and for them to get beat by Native Americans who were
described as technologically disadvantaged and poor was hard for some people to
Textbooks decide to exclude those details because only winners get prizes and
losers get nothing.

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The Native Americans were believed to
be savages and beast that were on the hunt for blood, but this statement was a
lie to persuade Americans that the Indians were the enemy. The Indians were very helpful to the
Europeans and offered many beneficial assets to the white men. The Indians showed the men how to
live off the land, new weaponry, and offered to work as interpreters. They did all this in exchange of
various tools and accessories. The
Native Americans society changed after being in contact with the Europeans;
they adapted to guns, new food, new constructions skills and even ideas from
Christianity. The
Europeans used this to their advantages and would bribe the Native Americans
into slavery with guns or tools. The
textbooks often “forgets” to mention the enslavement of Native Americans and
the harsh treatment from the white Europeans. The history books fail to mention
the slavery actions that occurred in South Carolina or the massive number of
Native Americans being shipped away to be used as slaves. (Loewen p.104-105).

Personally, I believe that textbooks
should include all the bloody battles and wars because there is no reason to
hide something that already occurred. I understand that the US wants to
maintain a positive image especially in kids, but wouldn’t it be better for
them to learn that everything comes with a price. We don’t have to expose them to all
the brutal details at first, but we should slowly tell them of the events that
actually happened to both the Indians and Europeans. I also feel that the United States
should include all the cruel facts in textbooks because history repeats itself
and it is better to learn something and recognize the signs of a possible
similar situation before it’s too late. The United States knows that what
they did was wrong and could have been handled differently but at that moment
in time, the slaughtering of the Indians was their best choice. The textbooks try to put this idea
that the Europeans were heroes despite all the pain and conflicts they caused
other people and races.
Another reason why textbooks should include every detail including the bad ones
because we shouldn’t hide all the things that actually occurred that helped us
reach where we are today in society. The killings of Native Americans and
their villages is horrible and was wrong for the settlers to push people out of
their current homes in order to make room for more people, but it occurred. All the gruesome details happened
and there isn’t anything we can do now to stop it from happening. However, it helped influence the
world we live in today.
We wouldn’t have certain laws or treaties without all the events that occurred
during that time period.
This doesn’t only pertain to native American history since this was done to a
variety of other races and people.

American history tends to hide all
the bloody details that happened to protect us from the reality of what
actually happened.
The US wants us all to believe that they are good people and have done nothing
but positive things for the world and history. However, this needs to stop to
properly educate our youth about the history of America even if it results in a
classroom full of tears.
American History isn’t complete without all the little battles and sacrifices
that are hidden to the public.