Also, the basic function of the motive

Also, happiness which contains an
optimistic attitude towards everything have a great impact on life satisfaction
improvement. An opinion from Shallcross (2014) ? 7 ? that happiness consists of pursuing
a virtuous life style which rather than merely having pleasurable experiences,
and the belief that happiness should be actively pursued which rather than
avoided are significantly associated with subjective well-being. Generally, a
life with happiness is an optimistic life, which would help us set a correct
attitude to help to solve the problems. So, people who are confident about the
future continue trying, even when it’s hard. That is, people would be more
satisfied to their life with the optimism. On the contrary, people would hold a
doubt attitude to their life and feel so weak to what they do even they can do
something well. Comparing that two different life styles, happiness with
optimism play a great role in guiding the active and optimistic attitude
towards issues. In many situations, what we choose is more important than what
we do, what we choose can make what we do more efficient and meaningful.
Happiness correct the orientation of optimistic life and lead us to do the
correct choices during our life, which is a guider of our life. Therefore,
happiness has great impact on our life’s direction.

Moreover, happiness can help to
shape common social values to support people to do the better things. Comes
from KatherineWhite, (2008)? 8 ?, that happiness contains the
self-identity of personal value can help people have a reason to continue,
which also creates an common empathy of identifying the value of behaviors. We
can know that empathy, as defined in behavioral sciences, expresses the ability
of human beings to recognize, understand and react to emotions, attitudes and
beliefs of others. Happiness can help to make all of us to agree with the
common worthy things and that is beneficial for all of the citizens. For
instants, with happiness which contains the empathy of identifying personal
value, we would feel worthy to do something. Happiness ensure the basic
function of the motive force in mental. If someone whose individual value is
not identified, that he would suffer from heavy pressure in mental or even lose
the reason for a living. Human living in this world should be accepted by
others in both physical and mental parts, or he or she would have no correct
directions or reasonable seat for his life stage. That is, happiness have a
great impact on identifying personal value to support people for pursuing a
better life.

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Referring from the paper of Aaron
Christopher (2017) ? 9 ?, that the theories about life
satisfaction, such as need and goal satisfaction theories, argued that
individuals gain happiness when they move toward an ideal status or accomplish
a valued aim in a certain extentLife satisfaction connects to the value of a
man more tightly than happiness because money is a more important standard of
the qualities of a life. However, we can learn from Mohsen Joshanloo (2016)
? 10 ? that life satisfaction regards more
to a person’s general assessment of the quality of his own life according to
his chosen criteria. It refers to the cognitive judgmental aspects of one’s
well-being and stands for overall satisfaction with one’s life. In most
situation, money can create something worthy for supporting the improvement of
the life, but happiness can’t do that. Money can ensure the foundation life can
could make the life and make people feel confident to themselves during the
process of contracting with others, but happiness has less effect on these
aspects. The reduction of tension, as well as satisfaction of biological and
psychological needs and goals will lead to life satisfaction, in regular
situation, life tension have great connection to the money. Therefore, in the
aspect of improving life satisfaction, money is more important than happiness
in this issue.

For a conclusion, we can know that
money and happiness both play an important role in our life stage. Happiness
can provide with spiritual fulfillment, lead an active and optimistic direction
and identify the personal value. However, in other more important parts, money
can ensure the basic requirement of life, provide more choices and solid the
self-worth, which have more effective influence on these aspects. In a word,
money is more important than happiness.

From this theory, one of people’s
aim is to get a more harmonious and happier life. Therefore, people would pay
more attention on the happiness of their life instead of the money when they
can have a simple life. Without the society development, the food and medical
treatment also improve a lot comparing to before. Moreover, with the material
development, our mental should also improve to lead the material into the
correct direction. Therefore, happiness which an essential part of mental, play
a more important role than money in supporting the life quality development.
That is, happiness is more important than money in making the quality of life