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All About Abraham LincolnImagine what if Abraham Lincoln never even became president what would happen to the civil war and even the slaves just imagine! Abraham Lincoln was born February 12 1809, his Mom and Dad were called Terah and Amathlaah. They were hard workers because Terah his dad had to take care of the family like getting the food,planting the food,getting wood for the fires, but after a few years Abraham started doing it when he got older. Then his Mother had more kids in the family. She gave birth to a daughter named Sarah and a Boy named Tommy. Then when all of them got to certain ages the whole family left their house and moved to somewhere else,but it was very hard for the family because it was winter time. Traveling was hard because of how cold it was and how you had to make so many stops for camping like getting firewood and food from wild animals, but then Abraham’s family got to Springfield and made a cabin there. They had some cattle to give them food and drinks like milk. But then one day Abraham’s Mother got milk sickness from a cow and then she died. Before she died they used to go to the church so they could get mad about slavery and about what it was doing to people. Then after she died Abrahams dad got there 18 year old cousin to watch the kids while there Father went out searching for another wife never to be seen again. How Lincoln became the 16th president 51 years later Abraham was elected the 16th president because by beating douglas,breckinridge and bell in the election. How Lincoln stopped slavery Lincoln started to do war and fights with the his own people because in 3 years he’s going to stop slavery by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation which would free the slaves.How did Lincoln fight in the warThen in war Abraham challenged his own men in combat because they did not like the change that happened with slavery. They thought it was a good thing to have people work for you and you get such little money or none at all. Then after the war Abraham won and stopped slavery from happening.  How did Lincoln die2 years later after the war April 15 1865 Abraham went to a play in the theater at 7:22 pm. But something bad happened… Abraham Lincoln was murdered by a bullet to the head and the Man that killed him was John Wilkes Booth.  So I give many people advice to read about Abraham Lincoln and to also think about what will happen in the future. Will there be more wars, and will slaves be allowed again we plan not to and hope that the future will not bring bad things like that and bring more good things.Sources from the pictures in the articleAbraham’s family picture if Abraham Lincoln Wilkes Booth picture war casulties in the world war