All one permanent spot and absorbs nutrients

All plants no matter the species or the size play a tremendous role in helping the human race. A plant is a living organism represented by grasses, trees, shrubs, etc. It grows in one permanent spot and absorbs nutrients to help itself grow. In order for plants to grow they need good soil, water, and sunlight. If the plant does not get these vital resources it will not survive. When the plant is just a seed it needs to be planted in fertile soil. The seed can’t be planted in dirt because it will not be able to get the essential nutrients needed to survive. The seed also needs to be watered. If it is not watered it cannot use the water to create the food needed for its survival. Another reason why the plant need water is so it won’t dry out and go brittle. If the plant dries up it will no longer be able to grow. Plants also need the sunlight. It helps them grow and it has a crucial role in helping the plants make glucose, which the plants use for their food. If they do not have sunlight they will die because they won’t be able to make their own food.  A way plants help us is by taking in carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen. We breathe in the oxygen that the plants give out, and exhale the carbon dioxide that the plants take in. Then this continuous cycle repeats. Another important aspect of some plants is that they can be food. This food is another way that plants help humans survive. Plants do not use humans for their food though. Plants create their own food through a process called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process of making glucose, which is also known as sugar. The plants make glucose by using sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water. An organelle in the plant called chloroplast absorbs the sunlight and uses the carbon dioxide and water to make the plant’s food. The food is then transported throughout the plant and oxygen is a by-product of this process. There are substances that help plants grow bigger and more fertile. The substances are called fertilizers. The fertilizer makes the soil more fertile, which then helps the plant that has taken residency in the soil grow bigger. The fertilizer supplies the soil it is put in with with nutrients that are essential for the plant’s growth. There are two ways to incorporate fertilizer into your plant’s soil. One way is during the preparation of the soil. Mixing the fertilizer with the potting soil is one way that this goal will get accomplished. This is usually the method for organic fertilizers due to the fact that the fertilizer will most likely be in a soil form because it has organic matter. The other way to add the fertilizer is too mix the substance with the plant’s water for the first time it gets watered. This is the case for chemical fertilizers. There are two types of fertilizers. Organic fertilizer is one type of fertilizer and is made from human excreta, animal droppings, animal mater, and vegetable matter. The other type of fertilizer is called chemical fertilizer. Chemical fertilizer is a fertilizer that is made with inorganic materials or chemicals. Since the fertilizer is chemical it might affect plant health. The fertilizer will still help with the plant’s growth, but it’s probably not the best thing for the plants due to the chemical ingredients in the fertilizer. Plants do not need fertilizer. Fertilizer is an option, but it will help the growth of your plant exponentially. Even if you choose not to use fertilizer, whether organic or chemical, if you take very good care of your plants they will still grow. Fertilizer is just to help with plant growth by adding some extra nutrients to the plant’s soil. All plants have a strict growing mechanism that makes sure the plant does not grow bigger than its supposed to. It does this by affecting cell division in the plant’s meristem.Plants and fertilizers are incorporated into my project because I am using both objects. I am planting a plant with different brands of fertilizer. There are five different types of fertilizer. There are four types of organic fertilizer and one type of chemical fertilizer. The objective is to find out which fertilizer is best for the type of plant I am using. The plant I am using is a marigold. A marigold is a genus plant that is usually red, orange, or yellow in color. Marigolds are annual flowers and are mostly found in South America and North America.