Ali promotion clarifies the overall action plan of

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Edge Razor: Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning  

Question 1

I recommend Paramount
focus its Clean Edge market towards the niche product position. Primarily
because Paramount would attract the same people that would be interested if
they used a mainstream position. Specifically, the consumers in the
super-premium segment have previously shown that they are willing to pay an
extra amount for a quality shave. Going more in depth behind the niche market,
consumers that buy the most beauty products will be within ages 18 and 24. This
segment is the most liable to buy especially new products within the beauty
market, which has grown greatly in the past few decades. Men in particular, who
are above this age cohort, will be extremely hard to convince towards buying a
new type of razor mainly because they have used a particular brand for years
and see no impactful reason to make a change now. This is where Paramount can
penetrate the market by advocating this as a niche product towards members of
this cohort, effectively making the youth feel distinct with this special razor
technology. Promoting Clean Edge as a mainstream product would eventually cut
into the Pro market by creating a higher cost for the company as stated by
Rosenberg. This may not be viable in the long run considering consumers in the
mainstream market rarely want cutting edge technology and rather prefer
something that has always worked. Some of the work in advertising will be done
by the youth as they spread knowledge of this product freeing some resources
for the company as Clean Edge potentially steps into the Pro market. However,
this effect is achieved by the market itself, rather than the company due to
strategic positioning.

Question 2  

Product promotion clarifies
the overall action plan of establishing Clean Edge in the niche product
position. Essentially, we are restricting marketing to existing consumers
within the super-premium category to position Clean Edge as a superior razor
utilizing innovative technology to provide a diligent shave. The goal is to
reduce resources for expenditures such as advertising and potentially raise
price for overall greater profit than what one would expect with a mainstream
position. To make Paramount’s Clean Edge product a “cut above” the average
razor, vibrating technology that stimulates hair on the skin to produce a
quality shave was integrated into the razors. However, not knowing too much
about the nature of technology in this type of market. A patent or some
equivalent would be useful in establishing Paramount’s product technology on
top as the best kind of razor, by basically raising the bar of a “quality”
razor. As explained previously, Paramount should target men within the age
cohort of 18 to 24. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to use any other
method of product distribution since specialized beauty products are often sold
in specialty shops. When was the last time you went to the barbershop for a
facial haircut? Not often or rather not at all. Using any other place other
than where people would normally go, such as drug stores, food stores or mass
merchandisers like Wal-Mart, would be incredibly inefficient. Some level of expenditure
is still required for means like advertising where the high class market is
found, rather than using a spray and pray method. Marketing Clean Edge to
magazine subscribers, specific points of television, and potentially at some
barbershops. This method is essentially a message to customers saying that they
are more special than other customers in the market for razors. This specific targeting
is practical because people who are already buying costly beauty products are
in a constant contest of looking than the rest. While targeted distribution has
few effective options, it’s necessary to still market in normal locations where
people normally shop because over 90% of the market for razors were mainly
located in locations like Wal-Mart during 2010.