Alex which motivate people to suicide. He informs

Alex Lickerman M.D.
provided a psychological article “The Six Reasons
People Attempt Suicide” on Psychology Today.
This article identifies the causes of committing suicide.  Lickerman separately declares six
reasons which motivate people to suicide. He informs that the most common reason for committing
suicide is “Depression.” It always
silently happens to the victims before they can realize. Lickerman
presents depression as a concept of hopeless to escape from emotional suffering. The victim fells into a position as a prey to distorted
thoughts. The second cause of suicide is “Psychosis.” Lickerman admits this cause as a mental illness.
It can come from the chemical functioning disorders in the brain. The third reason is “Overusing of alcohol
and other drugs.” The victims, who relate to this cause,
can unpredictably commit suicide due to the reason for losing self-control. The froth cause of suicide is “the poor environment around the victims.”
Lickerman explains that the victims, who suffer from this cause, do
not want to die. These victims usually signal their
surrounding people about something has gone wrong with them. However,
many people choose to ignore what the victims try to convey. People,
especially family and friends, seem to easily fool with the idea of well
knowing the victim. They believe that the victim will not
choose to suicide, but it is not always true. The fifth
reason is “a philosophical desire to die.” Lickerman
explains that the victims, who believe in this philosophical thought, try to take control over their destiny.
Most of the cause of this case comes from the motivation to eliminate the
victims’ painful terminals, such as illness.
The last reason, which was admitted by Lickerman, is “the
past mistake.” The victims, who have stuck with the past
guilty, can possibly use suicide to ask for a forgiveness.  The motivation to suicide can be
anything, more these six reasons present by Lickerman. However,
the most significant reason to realize the causes of suicide is to better understand
the victims (see more detail on p. 7).