After ? if keeping ethical and unsafe practice





hearing from mother and child, I would recommend the mother to stop her remedy
if the child is not happy with it by explaining her the negative impacts of the
therapy and how its causing harm to her child which would not alienate the
mother and a sense of trust is also maintained. I would educate the mother about
modern medicine therapy for curing her child without causing less harm to
child. ? if keeping ethical and unsafe practice in
consideration, I would definitely report the mother for causing injury to the
child. However, in this case, I wont condemn the mother because explanation
given by mother shows that the action was done out of love for the child and
his health. I would rather document the incidence and call them again for a
check up, if I still see the practice haven’t been stopped or any other traces
of child abuse and child’s condition has worsened then I would contact the
child protective services.

I would firstly discuss it with the mother, her reasons for carrying out this
cultural therapy. Then depending on the child’s age I would ask him few
questions, such as does he understand what his mother is doing? is he happy
with the therapy? does he want the therapy to be stopped?

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My approach


a physician I will have to take a lot of cautions as I know its not so easy to
break traditional or cultural practices since they have been practiced from
centuries. I wont be able to change the practice by force. So Introducing them
to modern medicine would have to be done through a lot of education without
offending their cultural beliefs and by maintaining a trust.

I was a physician I would step and stop this cultural practice the moment it
was brought to my knowledge, since the child is in pain and is harmed, which
could have even caused permanent damage. People may raise questions about pain
associated with many medical treatments. But here the keyword is “harming”
which is a complete different concept of pain. Pain can be associated with many
things in life for example exercise, growth spur. However, in this case
Mother’s treatment resulted in harming, because the child isn’t just in pain
but has bruises all over his body. other medical treatments are painful but it
relieves the patient’s symptoms.

 As a health care practitioner there is a need
to intervene when we witness unsafe practice.




This incident reminded me
of a cultural therapy practiced in china known as “Acupuncture”. this procedure
involves insertion of very fine needles on the body surface for influencing
physiological functions of body. This idea of being poked by numerous needle is
hardly appealing for me. However, research’s have shown that it is accepted by
modern medicine and is often recommended by many physicians.

was reminded of an incident.

After reflection I had these
few questions which bothered me a lot and made the decision tough for me
whether to call CPS or not. I wondered what if the mother was actually harming
the child? What if she’s pretending that she is practicing this remedy out of
love for her child? What if this remedy was just a way for her to harm the
child and to be on a safer side, because it would be hard for anyone to raise
question about her emotions for the child with no actual signs of child abuse?



I liked how the mother
was neither afraid or shy in explaining the cultural procedure to doctor, this
showed mother did not want to Harm the child.

Liked disliked.

When I reflect back on
the whole situation I feel that the mother did not intend to harm her child,
she was only applying her strong cultural beliefs and practices. She did this
procedure with the intention of improving her child’s health. Her intentions
were good.