According to buy the product you sell. This

According to, target of customer is
the person that you think is most likely to buy the product you sell. This is a
much more segmented portion of your target market, because you have identified
certain aspects of this person. These components may include a specific age
rather than a range, a specific income level, and why these customers are most
likely to buy your product. The profit of a company may be based on the number
of customers who purchasing smartphone monthly or the number of purchaser in
the period of new product launched. Target customers can be identified by four
segmentations, includes demographic, geographical, behavioristic and

Different countries of customers have different
preference. Customers have different on their need, expectations and also
buying habit depending on where they live. Thus, the geographical market can be
divided into countries, cities, regions or continents. Geographical segmentation are often used for marketing because
companies that sell products and services want to know where their products are
sold in order to increase advertising and sales. By this approach, Vivo can
simply reach their sales target. Vivo has expand its business to 8 countries.
This shows that exported those products and the products are acceptable by
foreign consumers.

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The second segmentation is demographical segmentation. Demographical segmentation is often the
most important criterion for determining the target market, making knowledge of
demographic information crucial to many business. There are some variables in
demographical segmentation, including gender, age and income level. Age plays
an integral role in how businesses market their product online and offline.
Segment by age typically involves a wide range of pricing and color options and
adapts to accommodate the anticipated needs and expectations of each group. For
example, when customers purchasing smartphone at Vivo outlets, the older might
choose the phone with large screen, however the young people will pay more
attention on the features of the phone. Next variable is gender. The needs of
men and women are completely different sometimes. For instance, Vivo offers
different color for same phone model for the men and women customers such as
black color, pink color, red color and others. The third variable of the
demographic segmentation is income level of customer. Customer with different
income level will influence their consumption on the product. Example, people
with low income level will prefer to purchase phone with lower price, while
high income level of customer will purchase the advanced smartphone model.

The last segmentation is behavioristic segmentation.
Behavioral segmentation divides the population according their behavior and how
population responds to the product. Consumers will consider several factors
before making a decision. Therefore, the consumer’s decision- making by his
behavior and that is exactly how the behavioral segments are targeted. There
are several types of behavioral segmentation which are spending habits, usage
habits and other. The Vivo smartphone is very popular in Asia countries
especially in China and Malaysia. Vivo offers the low price phone with advanced
features, thus customers can choose the phone based on their preference.