According terms and conditions, so that the perceives


According to Floh &
Teriblmaier (2006), loyalty of online banking comes from the satisfaction and
trust in the online bank, which is determine by the quality of the web site as
well as the services provided.


According to Kit Man (year), online banking vendor
should increase the security and safety of their websites and provide well detailed
terms and conditions, so that the perceives risk can be reduced. In addition,
providing sections for online opinions and complaints and immediate answering
for the customer inquiries can make customers more familiar with the bank.  

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Pikkarainen et al. (2004) define Internet banking as an
“Internet portal, through which customers can use different kinds of
banking services ranging from bill payment to making investments”. With
the exception of cash withdrawals, Internet banking allows customers access to
almost all type of transactions at a click of a mouse. Internet banking became
a competitive necessity with the advance of technology.

Pairot, (2008) defined customer’s satisfaction as “the
company’s ability to fulfill the business, emotional, and psychological needs
of its customers”. However, customers have different levels of
satisfaction and their attitudes are also different. “Customer
satisfaction measurement allows an organization to understand the key drivers
that create satisfaction or dissatisfaction; and what is really driving their
satisfaction during a service experience.”


many studies on consumer’s attitude and adoption of
internet banking have explained that there many factors that influence the
consumer’s attitude with online banking such as person’s demography, motivation
and behavior towards different banking technologies and individual acceptance
of new technology. It was found that consumer’s attitudes toward online banking
are influenced by their knowledge of computer and new technology

“Consumers who use ebanking use it on an ongoing
basis and need to acquire a certain comfort level with the technology to keep
using it “(Servon, and Kaestner 2008) 31