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to gCaptain (2016) that cruise travel is expect to increase in 2017, expecting
25.3 million passengers next year. CLIA reports that there are more ships to
set sail in 2017 and cruise line are schedule to debut 26 cruise ships.
Moreover, the industry is expecting to introduce a total of new 97 new cruise ships
in 2026 with an investment of $53 billion.


to Campbell (2017) there are 9 new best ships that will lunch in 2017. Many
major cruise lines are releasing new ship with new cultures, new activities, and
new ports that passengers that will have an interest to accommodate to have
some stress free from their works. These are the new vessels that will sail to
hit the expectation of the passengers. The Seabourn Encore, Viking Sky and Viking
Sun, Norwegian Joy, Majestic Princess, Silver Muse, MSC Meraviglia, National
Geographic Quest, and Flying Clipper.

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according to Cruise Ship Jobs Network (2015) cruise ships are making a big
impact in the tourism. With the million numbers of passengers every year,
cruise ship vacationing is rapidly growing. The cruise line industry supports
nearly 400,000 of jobs. Most of the new ships that will sail next year will be
mega cruise ships, carrying a larger amount of passengers. For some of the new
ships, there is an indeed number of staffs and crews between 800-1500 people. Meaning
there will be more job opportunities for the aspiring seafarers. The expected
growth of cruise ships will require 26,000 new jobs, making the cruise industry
more inconvenient for the passenger and to secure employment chances.


to Seaman Job Site (2014) after accomplishing or finishing your degree in
marine there are some certain requirements for you before sailing outside the
country. Like passport, passport is the basic travel document that you will be
needed. This document is issued by Department of Foreign Affairs to legitimate
a person to work outside the country. STCW ’95, the Standards of Training,
Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers 1995 Certificate is needed to set
the standard training for mariners. Seaman’s Book or Seafarers Identification
and Record Book is important like your passport, it is one of the basic
document that you will be needed. The passport will be stamped in every departure
and arrival in every country you visit, while the seaman’s book is being
stamped in every ship you enter. And this document is requisite for applying
work visa. Seafarers must have their Seafarers Registration Certificate to be
officially become a registered seaman. You must take SOLAS Training because if you
don’t, you can’t sign the contract. Lastly, Transit Visa, transit Visa is for
non-immigrants who are going to one country to another without staying for a
long duration of time and the employer insist you to get this one.


 However, according to Cruise Ship Jobs (2017)
there are different types of interviewers. You may be asked to interview via Skype
or telephone interview. For some applicants, you should consider a Skype
interview like face-to-face interview. You must look presentable as well and
cleared all the area in your background. For the via phone interview, the
interviewers are looking if your personality will stand out through phone and
if you pass this interview you may be given a second interview. The best way to
show that you are qualified to the position you are applying is to be prepared
and answer the questions knowledgeable. Applicants should look presentable and
professional. Women must know that less is more when it comes to make up, they
must be look like they are ready to work hard without worrying if they will
break a nail. Men need to be look professional and clean shaven.  There are many people applying onboard and
the recruiter needs to see if you are perfectly fit to the position and they
are not only wants to hear specific information from you. Positive personality
who works well is the one who gets easily hired.


Looking for job can be a
full-time commitment and patience according to Kolar (2015). When people are
searching for job, they tend to spend a lot of time preparing their resume and
requirements. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand the real essence of
applying a job. White (2018), basically said that, applicant with excellent
knowledge and advance interview skills disqualify themselves from job because
they do not correctly fill the job application. One of the most common issues
in applying a job is leaving a section of the application blank or only
partially filled out, keep in mind that you need to do the first step before
going on the second step. But, this is not the only the issue in applying a
job, some of applicant encounter a technical problem especially to those person
who apply using online application. Moreover, Kolar (2015) said that searching
for a job will encounter lots of difficulty and problem especially to those
people who fill out form online.


In fact Fallon (2014), said
that the most of today’s job seekers have filled out online application for a
prospective employer. The automated application can save a hiring manager the
hassle of sifting through a barrage of emails with traditional resume. But many
applications submitted online ended up being neglect. Moreover, Fallon (2014)
reveal the top four problems applicant have with the online job application is
that candidate who apply online are being ignored, most of the time seniors and
millennials appeared to be the most ignored by employers. Second, it takes too
long to fill out online application. Nearly one third of the applicant won’t
spend more than 15 minutes filling out online application. Third, job seekers
do not stay in touch. Two thirds of all applicant surveyed weren’t asked to be
part of prospective employers’ communities, meaning they do not receive any
updates after the submitted their applications. Last is candidate receive
automated response, not from a real person. Forty percent from surveyed said
that job seekers received automatic response for the social not coming from a
real person, it is important to have update from a real person so you will know
that you’re application was noticed.


According to Krautzel
(2017), it is no answer that recruiters have troublesome with applications from
qualified applicant. However, many employers and agencies lack the manpower to
check and effectively follow up the qualified applicant who really have a
enough skills and capacity to be part of the team. Somehow, the process of
recruiting focus on serving the applicant who has completed all materials that
is relevant for the spot versus following up for the beginner applicant. One of
the challenges that the job seekers will face is the no feedback situation
where you all completed interviews, spent time, effort and energy. And after
all, applicant do not receive any feedback on their applications or interview,
so the candidates do not get a chance to correct their mistakes and shortcoming
with their performance or application before applying for the next position,
Kolar (2015).


Critic claims that qualified
applicant will lose their position if they do not connect to the employers and
update it sometime. According to Loudon (2014), there is an issue with the
software reading and scanning the resumes, so the applicant must have
initiative and be responsible by checking their resume because there are some instances
that your resume will not read by the scanner. One study found that “I’ve been
the person that’s been unemployed, out of work for almost a year and applied
for 80-something jobs and only yielded two interviews” (Loule K, 2014).

Nowadays, social media
application in today’s world become most useful tool for applicant, although a
lot of negative impact seen everywhere and issue with social media which is
faced by the job seekers such as technologies are so dynamic and has not been
clear guideline for them.  The world is
united and the world is social. Our climate is changing most of companies
nowadays require application using social media. Social media users constantly
growing their digital profiles and as a result can be less hassle and more
willing to apply with digital resume. Instead of ignoring the growth and use of
social media learn to embrace it as your interest, Rogers (2015).


The best way for applicants
to avoid ignoring talent away is to be responsive and concern in using social
media as always, Steps (2014). In line with this, finding a position in spite
of hurdles in a job seeker’s way is a challenge. However, it is a challenge
that potential employers can take steps to make easier. Reviewing hiring and
application processes to be more efficient and applicant-friendly and using
social media in better and intelligent ways can take us to the place we want to
be although there are some issues about online application, remember in every
negative way there is positive, focus on how online application and social
media can help us.


media will benefits cruise line according to Recruiter (2017) by helping in
processing online recruitment to hunt creative seafarers for an organization.
One of the primary recruitment is internet by both internal, talent acquisition
and third-party talent search companies.


recruitment has an advantage according to Phoraris (2016) first is in labor
cost because it is free to use and you can post job openings for free unlike
the traditional way that you will spend flyers and poster just to post job
openings. It is more effective because is accessible to individuals making it a
more effective method of getting your post notice. Online job advertisement is
quickly share on multiple websites. It also target wider social media users
without paying extra credits. And ask by internet line stats (2016) 46.1% in
the entire world are social media users, in developed countries up to 80% of
people has internet connection. And most of the internet user today is 18-29 of
age. Everyone can use online application with little training because it’s
clear and user-friendly. They also help you to set the region and categories
where you would like your job posting to be displayed. And the other advantage
is social media platforms give you a chance to be more creative with your
content and appealing to job seekers. And companies or businesses who use
technology prove that they are not afraid to innovate and they embrace
solutions and new technology. Internet helps regarding about the controlling of
your post and application you receive. And online job advertisement are still
live until the author or the website obliterate it. You can access online
application as long as you have internet connection and you can adjust your job
post, see how many inquirers. And all of the previous advantages, the best
advantage is the shortened hiring process.


            The disadvantages of online recruitment also according to
Phorarias (2016) are can be difficult to target a specific inquirer and some
people will ignore your advertisement. And not all websites are free some are
you need to pay subscription fee to advertise your post. Regards about social
media recruitment some companies think that it’s improper especially if your
company are very traditionalist or they have standard qualification.  Even though there’s a lot of inquirers you
receive most of it is still not relevant in the vacant job. You might also need
someone to manage the online job site because sometimes system might have
technical problem. And also inquirers might be got fake information about the
background or hiring process of your company and the biggest risk is the
hackers might use job advertisement to damage your company credibility and


advantage of online application is very helpful especially in cruise line
industry. And SeamanJobsite (2014) is one of the online recruitment that
Manning agency has. The first thing that online recruitment is seafarers has
widely access in different manning agency they wanted to send a resume or
curriculum vitae. You can check their information to ensure if the recruitment
agency is registered. It more helpful in time consuming because you don’t have
to rush to be at the agency’s office before their break time and closing time.
By online recruitment you can send your resume or curriculum vitae anytime of
the day or night. You can also view and search for jobs at different manning
agency site while you’re eating, traveling or watching. Their no need to dress
up on passing your resume because you can send it thru email of manning agency.
And it can reduce the using of papers because you don’t need to print a lot of
copies of your resume or curriculum vitae. And after that they will examine
your application and they will reply to you about the offer.


 Most common process of applying in social
media according to Manship (2018) is you must fill-up application form and send
it with your resume. The next one is personal appearance with review of
application and if you are personally requested for the examination and the
interview you might report in the manning agency you where you are applying.
And once the seafarer passes the examination, the next step is the interview by
junior recruitment manager after that recruitment manager will advise the
seafarer for follow ups and some instructions about some requirement that he
might needed in the next step and he will be given a schedule for the next
step. By that the documents that he should have are seaman’s book, Passport,
Basic Safety Course with PSSR, Proficiency in Survival craft and Rescue Boat
(PSCRB), Photocopy of Social Security System (SSS), National Assessment Center
(NAC) Certificate, STCW Certificates and All other job-related documents in
possession. After completing those document you will have pre-employment
medical examination and manning agency are the one who will give where clinic
you should take the medical examination this examination is to identify if the
seafarer is physically fit to perform to the job he apply. And now time for
foreign visa application but before that he should attend the orientation
before the scheduled of appointment.











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