According governmental institutions has not only augmented corruption

According to “Lack of accountability in
government offices is the chief cause of
corruption”. This quote highlights the fact that the lack of
answerability in the governmental institutions has not only augmented
corruption in the Arab States but also corroded public trust in the Arabian
Governance. For the purpose of abolishing corruption in the Arab States, the
Union of Comoros advocates reforming current accountability systems in the Arab States and supports transparent
governments’ procurement.


Union of Comoros woefully scored 24/100 in the corruption perceptions index. To
address this issue, nationally, since 2015 the Union of Comoros has executed a
development policy operation (DPO) series to address transparency and
accountability through ameliorating the comprehensiveness of budget documents
and take legal measures to eradicate corruption. In addition, the Union of
Comoros adopted Economic Reform
Development Policy Grant Program, in 2012, where the main objective was is to
improve accountability in the states.

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in December 2003 the Union of Comoros signed the UN Convention against
Corruption at which this convention ensures the collaboration between
participating countries to fight corruption including addressing accountability
in governance. Furthermore, Union of Comoros is considered a member of
anti-corruption and integrity program in the Arab Countries (ACIAC).
Additionally, in 2016 Union of Comoros collaborated with International
Institute of Educational Planning (IIEP) in the United Nations to diagnose the
level of education in the country so that a new plan encouraging accountability
in education would be put.


though reforming current accountability systems is rejected by dominant
political parties, it is a crucial step to disseminate corruption in the Arab
States. The Union of Comoros suggests a three-step plan to deepen transparency in the
Arab States. First, launching a campaign that informs
people that they have the right to know what their government is doing. This
campaign is essential, for it is vital for people to know their right to enforcement. Second, with collaboration with
all the Arab States, the governments must
report on their current actions and
projects to people whether on official websites or newspapers. As a result,
this step will promote accountability and transparency in the Arab governments and will ensure answerability.
Furthermore, when it comes to paramount decisions such as a country wants to be
engaged in a war, the Union of Comoros suggest that the process of decision
making must be in the hands of the public by which referendum must be held. In
this way, transparency in the decision-making
process will be guaranteed, the power won’t be misused by some ruling persons,
and people will be invested in their countries. Activating censorship as well
will limit corruption. Wrapping up, if these were considered by the Arab States
accountability will be deepened in the Arab Governance leading to the
eradication of corruption and supporting the Arab integration.