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According to, “ICT influences employment because it creates new jobs and changes the current forms of work, to be newer and more flexible, The new ICT-enabled employment opportunities are getting more important because countries around the world are looking for ways to create better jobs, which have positive economic and social implications for workers and for society. The reasons why ICT related jobs have been increasing are because Greater connectivity, more than 120 countries already have over 80 percent market penetration which is the amount of sales of a product or service compared to the total theoretical market for that product or service in this case it is mobile telephones. it also already Digitize more aspects of work, today, telecommuting and outsourcing have become standard business practices globally, and also having More globalized skills, India and the Philippines are major outsourcing hubs because of their English language skills, and other countries are targeting this sector for future growth. ICT are providing new places for job creation that could tackle global unemployment and also connects people to jobs.  Online employment marketplaces help 12 million people worldwide find work by connecting them with employers globally. Some of the new and more flexible forms of employment and work are Online contracting, it uses ICT to increase access for people to find more working opportunities worldwide, mainly for smaller employers. and Microwork platforms, it breaks down large business processes into smaller tasks such as data entry and verification, copy-writing, or graphic design and distribute them to workers across geographic boundaries, this will make the task easier to handle and less burdening to the worker. ICT creates new opportunities, but it also give new challenges for workers and employers.  By enabling new forms of work, ICT also changes the structure of jobs, the way people develop their career, and the way they work.