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Academic IntegrityLindsay Crater Part 1Plagiarism is when you take somebody else’s work, thoughts, or ideas and try to pass them off as your own, meaning not giving the credit to the original author of the work. This includes trying to paraphrase somebody else’s work in your own words but having the paraphrased work sound too much like the original. Also to make sure the work is not plagiarized their needs to be a single phrase of who wrote the information before you write the main concept to let to the reader know where the information is coming from. Because if you do not, you are not giving the writer the credit for the work. Another are direct quotes that are not properly used, because if you write one or two sentences verbatim in your work you must put quotations around the sentence along with a citation at the end to be able to find the information of where you got the quote in the bibliography. In MLA format it is better to write the name of who said the quote right before the quote, also if the date is given then proper verb tenses should be used, as in if it was written is the past then use past tense verbs. And that there should be a citation at the end of the quote that links back to the bibliography.  Part 2 According to the Little Seagull Handbook patchwriting is defined as “patching together passages from another source; even if the source is documented, patchwriting is considered plagiarism.”(1 p.112). What this means is that patchwriting is form of paraphrasing, as in if the person who is writing does not truly grasp the concept of what they have read, the paraphrasing is then very similar to the original text. Since the student will not have a good enough understanding of the subject to make it their own.  How to avoid patchwriting is to research more on the subject that you are writing about so that there is a greater understanding of the work. Also, make sure the text that is being written about is not close by so there is less of a chance of writing it verbatim. Another is to use direct quotes if the student is not fully able to paraphrase parts of the original work. Part 3I Lindsay Crater delare to uphold the academic integrity of Durham Tech while enrolled in English 112. BibliographyBullock, Richard H., et al. “R-4.” The Little Seagull Handbook, W. W. Norton & Company, 2017, pp. 107–114