Academic may lead to failing in the studies.c-At

Academic Dishonesty
and Plagiarism-AA18: Academic Dishonesty – It is known as cheating in Policy Section 3.It includes-a-Giving the exam of another scholar
or copying the same text from each other in an exam.b- Students presenting a
similar work beforehand submitted for reviewing in another course without the educator’s
information as well as consent.Moreover, Adherence
to vital principles of academic honesty is an imperative part of the learning
procedure. Academic work put together by scholars is assessed on the
presumption that the work displayed by the students is his or her own.The punishments that will be applied
for acts of academic dishonesty-a-Failing grade (F) will be granted in
the course.b-No opportunity to rewrite the exam
again and it may lead to failing in the studies.c-At last removal from the college
when seen several attempts of cheating in records.AA20: PlagiarismIt is an
act of double-dealing.Copyright
infringement, regardless of whether done intentionally or incidentally, is
characterized as introducing another person’s work, in entire or partially, as
one’s own. It incorporates the verbal or composed accommodation of another work
without crediting that source. This applies to thoughts, wording and creations.
It incorporates every single electronic source, including the Web, TV and
chronicles, all print and composed sources, for example, books and scholarly
assignments; and every single verbal source, for example, discussions and
meetings. Offering one’s work to different understudies is likewise viewed as a
demonstration of literary theft. Conclusions to Acts of Plagiarism: -1.Prerequisite that the scholars
present extra work.2.Suspension from the college or
university3.Appointing the grade of zero for
the task.4.Decreasing of the weight for the
task towards the general course review.