Abstract— generates exhaustive reports associated with the Bus

Abstract— The main purpose of this application is to
produce accurate information to the students and College Management regarding
the bus facilities for the Institute of Aeronautical Engineering. This web application
generates exhaustive reports associated with the Bus Management i.e. bus route,
bus number, range of students/faculty assigned for the actual bus, Department
and ID of scholars, point in time of the bus, fees paid and dues. These reports
highlight varied bus services and options or features of the bus, which might  be subjected to enhancement particularly for
the college administration to improve bus transport system. This interface is
user friendly and effective. It is very helpful by providing a simpler method
to store and access information related to buses and students. This  system is accessible either by  associate

in administrator or student
whenever within the administrator has the permission to create/update the
record into the database. This web application reduces paper work and makes all
connected information accessible easily.

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Keywords- Bus service
Managemevt , College Administration






Bus Information system is software which
will inform regarding the transport facility in college and institute. Bus data
will provide the information about the student and manage content regarding the
system.In the existing system Colleges ought to manually maintain data relating
to College busses and routes. In most of the colleges transportation system is
not available in efficient way. That’s why students faces such a big amount of
issues. for safe and economical transformation, several Faculty  and collages offer transportation facility.
So, there is need to manage transportation facility. In this system we have to undertake
to manage bus records, drivers details, student data, pick up location  of IARE college.

This is a web-related application that allows us to approach the
entire knowledge regarding the College Transport Management, students, faculties
etc. This application is mainly used for IARE College Bus





 Service Management system.The
modules that we have worked on are Registration Process , Student I and Faculty
data related to the buses , Account  and
Admin,  Bus Incharge Information.

                  The main goal of this
system is to  reduce the consumption of
time during maintaining the records of college Transport management. Separate
divisions are provide to maintain the records of Student, faculty, Roots,
diversion, etc. In other words the target of the present college Transport
management software are  Simple database
is maintained, Easy operation for the operator of the System, Quicker execution
and maintaining the records, User interface are user friendly and attractive,
it takes very less time for the operator to get use-to with the system.






S.L BandarkarDhanpat Rai & co (Eds.), Vehicle
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transporation facility in the college for student safety and efficient
transporatation,It as developed a software such everyone working in college bus
management can handle easily. 3 COLLEGE
Udawat, Shreyas Gupta, Shivanshu Nagarkar * Computer Science & Engineering,
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android application which helps the user to locate the vehicle by sending just
an SMS. The application tracks the current location of the user through the
Google maps API and it provides this location to the message sender, sender can
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Sridevi.K 1 , Jeevitha.A2 , Kavitha.K3 , Narmadha.K4 , Sathya.K5. In many
Colleges, students and staffs are not aware of exact timing and location of the
college bus. So they have planned to implement a smart bus tracking system for
easy transport facility using IoT. Using application, students or staffs can
locate the bus at any time when they need The collected data is retrieved and
processed by the server using an application that we installed College bus
transport system having many buses and that provides students and staffs for
convenient travel from the long distances






In the existing colleges have to manually maintain information regarding
college bus routes, fee and timings. So we developed a Web
application for Bus service management system for our college. The application
provides solution to replace pen and paper. Effective communication between
user and admin and also gives suggestions 
and feedback. It is a  new system
is helpful to both students and faculty as well as the organizer. The system
takes student information as input source and attempts to maintain the bus
service such as bus routes , fees, arrival time. There is login and password
service for students , faculty and bus incharge to use this system. It provides
a simple method to store and access information related to busses and students.

Here, Students
and Faculty will get the complete details about Bus Transport (like route no,
fare, available seats, timings).Every user would be notified about the status
of Bus Transport system. The administrator can see all the users who select the
bus and check their payments.

This web
application consists of three types of logins. They are administration module,
student and faculty module, Bus incharge module.

                Admin is the transport incharge  and he can view all the data of the users
related to buses. Admin maintains day-to-day information about the buses and he
is responsible to update/inform the same information to the respective
students/faculty. The main role of the admin is to handle the bus fee forms
,Due reports and update it in the website.Students and
faculty can register in their logins. They can view their bus details, payments.The seating allotment in the buses are done
according to the first come first serve policy.



Bus Incharge have to login using his credentials Notifications
regarding the buses are informed to the students through email by their
particular bus in charges.

 Figure 1.
 Architecture. Design




The transport
management system is that application developed to manage the transportation
work simply keeping the transport in college to data regarding the buses
information they have to record each and every buses of the vehicles to manage
the transport system in college. Admin keeps records of each bus that has been
taken by any student, transport system additionally  record expenses incurred for a journey on a
year.So this Bus Service Management System helps us to make  the apt information to the admin as well as
user and we develop this through web page which makes the work of the
management easier. This project gives the required data either to the user or
admin according to the requested data provided by the admin or user. It is
helpful for the management to enter details, where the management can provide
requirements according to the given data. In order to get the further details
from any of the participant management can directly access through the web page
provided. The main moto of our project is decrease the man power and paper work
as well as to give the actual requested informatiom either to the users or to
the admin.




Firstly we would
like to express our immense gratitude towards our institution IARE Institute of
Aeronautical Engineering which created a great platform to attain profound
technical skills in the field of Information Technology, there by fulfilling
our most cherished goal.  We would like
to express our gratitude to our Principal, Dr. L V Narasimha Prasad sir for his
kind cooperation and encouragement in doing the project.  We are very much thankful to our Supervisor
Dr. K. Srinivas Reddy Professor and Head of the Department of IT, for extending
his support to carry out this project work and his internal support and
professionalism who helped us in shaping the project into successful one.  We take this opportunity to express our
thanks to one and all who directly or indirectly helped us in bringing this
effort to present form.