Abell’s developing a strategic plan for the company’s

Abell’s Three-Dimensional Business Model

The three
dimensions according to Abell are: customer groups, customer needs, and
capabilities and technologies (Abraham, 2012). 
A company can use the model when developing a strategic plan for the company’s
mission. Abraham (2012) states that “Abell maintained the mission statement should
contain all these three elements” (sec. 3.2).

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business model could be used for developing a strong marketing plan.  Based on the dimensions, marketing falls
under customer groups (Abraham, 2012).  While
brainstorming, which is the first step according to Abraham (2012), when
determining the customer base the company is looking to serve, and what
products the company could produce that their selected customer group would
purchase.  Having a good understanding of
what their customers are wanting, the company will the best chance at making profitable
product offer.

the company makes a determination as to which customers they will market to they
will be able to identify the customer needs and which products will be best
suited.  One example would be a clothing whole
sale retailer who tailors specifically for persons of big and tall sizes.  The same company could also find success in
designing large covers and tapestries because they are accustomed to handling
bulk size materials. 

is the last dimension in Abell’s model. 
Readers Digest Association, the publisher of the largest –circulation magazine
in the world in 1992, The Reader’s Digest, developed a database of
subscribers.  The magazine company used
the database as a distribution channel to reach its customer populace which
according to Abraham (2012) was about 50 million households just in the United
States.  This made it easy for the magazine
company to continue to reach their customers and keep their revenue and
operating profits up by selling condensed books and other publications, videos,
and CDs through mail order.

Digest could use Abell’s model and to reach their customers with the
opportunity to purchase other products besides magazines.  The company could use its distribution
channel to sell coloring books, hanging posters, books on tape.  By offering a few more products to their
target customers through their distribution the company could ensure to keep
their customers focus, keep them purchasing and keep the company profits up.

Abell three-dimensional business model is a process that helps companies keep
focus on their mission in targeting customers in their chosen market.  It also helps with the alignment of customer
and how they can continue to meet their customer’s need all while remaining innovative
and developing new products as well as finding new opportunities that will keep
their customers coming back for more.







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