Computer related crimes against property include computer vandalism, transmission of virus, denial of service at lack, unauthorised access over computer system, intellectual property rights violations, Internet time-theft, sale of illegal articles etc.

Cyber crimes against state or society may comprise possession of unauthorised information, cyber terrorism, distribution of pirated software, polluting youth through indecent exposure, trafficking financial scams, forgery, online gambling etc.

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Some of the cyber crimes which are generally committed in the cyber space through computer systems are explained as follows:—


In stalking, persistent messages are sent to unwilling recipients, thus causing them annoyance, worry and mental torture. Sending of unsolicited e-mails or spamming is an infringement of right of privacy. Online harassment and threats may take many forms.

Cyber stalking usually occurs with women who are stalked by men, adolescents or adult pedophiles. A cyber stalker does not have to leave his home to harass his targets and has no fear of physical avenge since he cannot be physically touched in cyber space.

A cyber stalker generally collects all the personal information about the victim such as name, age, family background, telephone or mobile numbers, workplace etc. He collects this information from the internet resources such as various profiles the victim may have filled-in while opening the chat or e-mail account.

The menace of cyber stalking has spread like wild-fire in India and many innocent women, girls and children are being targeted as its victim.