A General Jonathan Wainwright was a commander of

A little background of this Jonathan Wainwright and his
leadership during Bataan and Corregidor. 
Born in 1883 and died in 1953. 
General Jonathan Wainwright was a commander of the American Forces and Filipinos
Scouts defending Bataan, after GEN MacArthur’s command was relocated to

During his command at Corregidor, he made frequent visits to
the front to check on his men and to inspire them personally. He had no fear
coming under direct fire from the enemy. 
A bold warrior, he was used to seeing men next to him to die and often
personally returned fire to the enemy. 
He was one of a unique kind of frontline commander – who earned the
loyalty of his troops by experiencing the hardships with his men.  During the last organized resistance on Luzon
after holding the Japanese against the impossible odds for a full six months,
his command and his troops has exhausted all possibilities such as no outside
help or any supplies to sustain his troops. 
GEN Wainwright had notified his command of his intent to surrender and
sent a message to the President of United States, Mr. Roosevelt, to explain his
painful decision to surrender. However, He was still proud of his country and
his troops and he was truthful and loyal to both.  President Roosevelt assured GEN Wainwright of
the Nation’s loyalty quoted as “You and your devoted followers have become the
living symbol of our war aims and guarantee of victory.   

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Following the surrender, the Japanese shipped the defenders of
Corregidor across the bay to Manila where they were paraded in disgrace.  He was also humiliate and forced to march
through his defeated Soldiers.  Despite
their wounds, their illness, broken spirit, and shattered bodies.  His Soldiers once again showed their loyalty
and respect for their leaders, as GEN Wainwright passed among their ranks. The
men struggled to their feet and saluted. 
During three years in captivity, Gen Wainwright kept faith and loyalty
with his fellow prisoners.  After his
three years in captivity, GEN Wainwright feared the moment of his return to
America expecting to be considered a coward and traitor to United States of
America for his surrender at Corregidor. But Americans at home has not
forgotten and remained loyal to the fighting general and his courageous

GEN Wainwright stood behind GEN MacArthur together with British
GEN Percival on the battleship, USS Missouri, on 2nd September 1945
for the signing of Japan’s official surrender. 
He didn’t experience any shame but a hero’s welcome back home.  8 days later, he received a surprise ceremony
with President Truman awarding Jonathan Wainwright the Medal of Honor.

The Army Values of having Loyalty and Respect shows that GEN
Jonathan Wainwright had shown and earned from his troops and his commands.  Having loyalty is a two-way commitment between
the leaders and subordinates. This loyalty of subordinates is a gift given when
a leader deserves it. Leaders earn subordinates’ loyalty by training them well,
treating them fairly, and living the Army Values. Leaders who are loyal to
their subordinates never let Soldiers be misused or abused. Subordinates who believe
in their leaders will stand with them no matter how difficult the situation.
Respect is something that the Soldiers has earned GEN Wainwright’s respect by
checking and visiting and encouraging his men during their captivity. 

In conclusion of the Army Values that shows us how the
leaders and subordinates should reflect with the loyalty and respect that are
earned to maintain the values that we face every day as Civilian or as Soldier
working side by side every day.