“A many quotes that Nathaniel Buzolic, or “Nate

“A dream shouldn’t be measured by its size or scope, nor by the age or the experience of the dreamer, but rather by the passion, integrity and commitment of that dreamer to follow his or her heart.” This is one of the many quotes that Nathaniel Buzolic, or “Nate Buzz”, has said to inspire millions. Millions? Yes, Nate has been in many movies and television shows, the most popular being in “The Originals” or “The Vampire Diaries”. Australian born, the 34 year old is an actor/photographer who continues to inspire people from around the world, including me, with his pictures that hold many stories. Nathaniel’s story starts off like many actors in their first few years. Coming from a one parent household, he had to wait until he was 27 before he got his first camera. His first camera being the Canon 5DSr which he still has to this day and continues to carrying it around the world with him. He gave up his dream on focusing on just photography and started his acting career, which led him to score big roles in America’s most famous vampire series, and even worked with Oscar-winning director Mel Gibson on ‘Hacksaw Ridge’, in  November of 2016. Now that would sound like a dream come true, however he explains that he had struggled making real friends and finding his way around “the city of Angels”, so he focused his passion and energy on taking photographs of nature. Thus creating his most famous piece that brought him back into photography called, “The Lone Wolf”. The style of photography Nate uses is a very unique way of mixing landscape and architecture. He captures moments in nature that are calming to the eyes yet stand out above everyday pictures. Nate uses the pictures to also tell stories of the events going on all around the world. He focuses heavily on events in the Middle East, showing the hardships of their everyday lives and even the war that is being taken place in those areas. By going and visiting these countries and capturing their moments to share with the world is a very unique opportunity that he gets to take part in. For many reasons, Nathaniel Buzolic inspires me by his photography and the amazing stories he can tell from them. Nate is a vocal Christian which is very important to me. He gives credit for his talented abilities to take pictures to God and even visits places such as Jerusalem/Holy Land. He also captions these pictures with many stories and sometimes even scriptures with advice for the day. Which leads me to my next reason which is experiences. When he takes a pictures of nature, buildings and even people, he writes down exactly what is happening at the moment. This gives the viewer an inside look at what is taking place in the world and shows awareness of situations such as the wars in Iraq with ISIS attacking. In conclusion, Nate Buzz is an inspirational photographer to many people around the world. He can use his photography skills to gives messages and also show events occurring all around. Learning that he had found his way out of bad situations and the truth of Hollywood is inspiring because he proves anyone can find a passion in life. “I’m reaching out to the person that has seen what I saw last night and also feels a heavy heart. I’m reaching out to the person who is lost, confused and doesn’t fit in either. There is hope. There is another way to live this short life we are gifted with. Don’t follow the world, follow Jesus, seek out his truth” (Nathaniel Buzolic).