A goal of censorship is control. In

A dictionary definition of censorship: To “censor” is to review something and to choose to remove or hide parts of it that are considered unacceptable. For example, when you hear beeping on television over words no one wants you to hear, or you can’t go on a certain website in school. We deal with a much softer result of censorship. In the 1980s the government had more control over what citizens did and said. Mr. Orwell was a real pioneer of going against it. The goal of censorship is control. In Oceania, censorship is being enforced by a main political party. In this day and age, censorship can come from many sources, as anyone can control your viewing abilities. If we allow censors to smother creativity, we might as well be, giving away the truth and redoing history. Creativity can free us from repeating this cycle again. In his book, the main character, Winston Smith, is a boring, brittle everyday guy. Living in his make-believe country of Oceania, the also boring and dull place where the leadership rules every part of the citizens’ lives. They are monitored through televisions and the image of “Big Brother,” who is there to remind them they are always watched. The ruling party has successfully made an oppressive system where they’ve eradicated free thinking and individuality. This is an exaggerated version of the way many countries live today. Censorship is a practice that dates back to 443 BC ancient Roman era with the Office of Censor. The Office of Censor was given the task of molding characters of the people. Now the form of censorship we see  is the practice of looking through books, movies, etc. to suppress unacceptable parts based on whoever is saying whatever is unacceptable. The book gave readers a very graphic image of the horrifying reality of Communism becoming an overbearing superpower. It  took their deepest fears and multiplied it, showing them a terrifying future of an autocratic government taking complete control of  its citizens. As we know, many places have come a long way in means of censorship. We deal with a much softer example of censorship in America. But when you compare it to the way people used to live or people in other countries do now, be grateful. We have lots more freedom than people in this book had. And as we read we’ll find that out.