A age, I had a strong inclination toward

A rigorous curriculum in Computer Science during my
undergraduate studies propelled me to think deeply about the fields of Machine
Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Image Processing. When I first came
across the Computer Science program at University of San Francisco, it
immediately struck me as something relevant to my passions and something I
could make substantial contributions to. Given the great research opportunities
at USF, especially in the areas of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and
Cloud Computing, I firmly believe I could be an asset to your esteemed

Since an early age, I had a strong inclination toward
computers. I have always been fascinated by the continuous advancement in
computer applications that have changed the world and positively impacted many
lives. Being a daughter of an engineer and successful entrepreneur, my interest
in computers boosted when I saw a surge in computer applications in modern
industrialization. I got the unique opportunity to build an automated material
tracking system for my father’s textile ginning factory (cotton processing). It
proved to be a valuable tool for the company to keep track of incoming and
outgoing material and achieve a continuous operation. Highly motivated by this
small project, I was led to coming up with various other applications such as
operator’s time-sheet, salary tracking, and other useful financial programs. As
my early lifetime witnessed modern computer technological developments, I could
sense the tremendous opportunities in this area. I learned that I have a set of
skills and passions that make a career in computers the right choice for me.
For this reason, it was an easy decision to choose Computer Science as my
undergraduate major.

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An aptitude for computer applications, logic,
analytical skills, mathematics, and high academic credentials helped me to
secure a place in one of the prestigious engineering institutes in India,
Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology (University of Pune). Four
years of the engineering curriculum in Computer Engineering exposed me to a
gamut of courses in Computer Science, thus creating a strong foundation in
computer networking, data structures and algorithms, operating systems,
principles of programming languages, cloud & distributed computing, and
artificial intelligence.

Being in the field of computer engineering, I always
strove to contribute to social welfare. I witnessed the challenges physically
impaired people face in their daily lives very closely as one of my close friends
was suffering from a partial hearing loss. During my final year of engineering,
an idea of “Gesture to Speech Conversion” gave me an opportunity to perceive my
passion to contribute towards social welfare and assist physically impaired
people. In this project, I developed “Resilient Classifier for Adaptive Gesture
to Speech Conversion”. It involved building a portable application to enable
conversion of gestures into speech using Java technology and MATLAB functions
for feature extraction. This application was intended for easy and effective
communication with physically impaired people, thereby removing the
communication barrier. I was responsible mainly for designing the code in Java
for classification of gestures. This project greatly strengthened my conceptual
knowledge of Image Processing and working on Fuzzy C Means Algorithm and
Decision Tree. Through its practical implementations, it allowed me to enhance
my programming skills in Java. Till then, my programming skills had been
largely constrained to C and C++. In addition to this, it helped me to gain
knowledge about Pattern Recognition and Image analysis. The project as a
technical paper entitled “Indian Sign Alphabet Classification using Fuzzy C
Means Algorithm and Decision Tree” was accepted and published on an
international platform by IJRSSET (International Journal of Research Studies in
Science, Engineering, and Technology) paper ID: IJRSSET-010110. This project
received appreciations from all over the college and was also recognized as the
best innovative project of the year 2014. Apart from this, I have also worked
on various other projects, including “Online Auction System” for easy and
effective online trading, developed using GUI design and Database Query
Language (SQL).

Inspiration from this project accomplishment led me to
come up with a research project titled “human interactions with machines using
Artificial Intelligence” that can be used to assist disabled people in carrying
out their activities with ease.  

The field of Artificial Intelligence can be used for
human interaction with machines by bodily actions such as clapping, speaking or
even blinking of eyes. These human body actions are uniquely categorized for
various machine operations using sensors. Machines rely on the individual
actions for any movement, integrating these actions from various sensors and
thus, carrying out the movement. This advancement in technology using
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be used to help disabled
people interact with machines. Disabled people can control machines such as TV,
Microwave, or even Mobile phones just by bodily actions. This was successfully
demonstrated by operating a Radio where a single clap was used to turn ON/OFF a
Radio FM and double clap to change the frequency (radio channels).

During my undergraduate studies, active participation
in extracurricular activities has assisted in the overall development of my
personality. I was involved in various activities such as technical paper
presentation, technical events, and also volunteering in women development
programs. Apart from this, I held the role of technical events coordinator
during college annual fest, which helped me to develop management and team
leadership qualities.   

After completing my bachelor’s degree, I was able to
secure a job in Tieto Software and Service Company. During my tenure at Tieto,
I worked on MuleESB; Java and XML based integration platform for migration and
transformation of real-time data within the applications such as SAP,
Salesforce, MSDynamics, and ServiceNow. In the project assignment, I developed
and implemented integration flows for migration of bulk of data between SAP and
Salesforce. The integration code was then deployed and tested on Dev/SIT
(Linux) environment before going into the production stage. Being an
enthusiastic learner, I have also completed the Mulesoft Associate Developer
and MCD – Integration and API Associate (Mule 3.6) certifications.  Two
years’ working at Tieto gave me immense knowledge of computer networking, computer
architecture, and also strengthened my programming skills in Java and XML.

The computer science program at University of San
Francisco has largely influenced me mainly because of its research and
outstanding faculty. I was amazed to learn about research Prof. Beste Yuksel has done on the next generation of brain-computer
interfaces that detect and evaluate real-time brain signals using machine
learning classification of functional near infrared spectroscopy to build
adaptable user interfaces for the general population. I am deeply interested in
computer science applications in human-machine interface and have worked on a
research project in artificial intelligence and machine learning for developing
human interaction with machines using bodily actions. Given the opportunity to
work under such an excellent research faculty, I believe I could contribute
towards the research in Human-Computer Interaction Lab.

Attending your prestigious graduate school will
provide me a high-level education and help me attain zenith of my career. I
would regard admit to University of San Francisco as a great honor as well as
the responsibility to prove myself.

I appreciate your time and consideration.