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A complex buying behavior is a type of buying decision in which the customer exhibits full involvement in the buying process that involves buying of an expensive and technologically advanced item which is not purchased frequently and in which there is a significant difference among the brands available and that which is highly expressive of the customer’s personality.The customer would always like to buy a brand that is an extension of his personality or a brand which fulfills his aspirational needs. Therefore, this buying process does not involve buying on the spot but involves a long time in thinking and arriving at the actual buying decision.For example, buying a car is a complex process because it involves a good amount of money,is purchased infrequently and is risky because if it doesn’t suit the customer’s needs, it will become a loss making proposition for him because of the high price tag. So the potential customer will take a lot of time in educating himself about the different brands of cars available within a certain price band. He will visit a good many dealers to understand the merits and demerits of different brands and collect as much information as possible about the functional attributes and design features and also about certain technical features like engine capacity, starting torque, transmission, mileage etc. He has to know what features he wants in the car to serve his purpose. Some customer may not care about the mileage a certain brand gives but may be concerned about the external design features while some may think about the expenses it would incur on fuel consumption. He will test drive the different brands to feel the difference first hand. He will talk to his friends and know their view points and will read the brand reviews.The involvement process helps the customer to understand the differences between the brands he is motivated to buy. During this process, the customer develops his beliefs and attitudes which along with his buying motive, will influence his decision. A marketer of a high involvement product needs to have a full understanding of the buying process. He must understand the information gathering and evaluation process of high involvement customers.It is his job to help the customer learn about the product. By deeply understanding the buyer’s perspective, the marketer can influence the customer’s buying behavior and the decision making process.The marketer needs to develop ways that help the buyer learn about the attributes of the brand, their relative importance among themselves, and the excellence of the company’s brand on the more important attributes. The marketer needs to differentiate the brand’s features from those of the competitors. He should use mostly print media to describe the brand’s benefits vis-a-vis those of competitors, and motivate sales people to influence the final purchase.