Residents’ Association (HRA)


I would like to propose to outline Values and Mission statement in bullet points. It brings clarity and sets up the
framework within which the members of the Association will define their
objectives and formulate action plans.

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–       We cherish
Hebaville and value its citizens

–       We strive
to maintain Hibavill’s authenticity and environment  

–       We aim to
serve the community on voluntary bases

–       We promote
freedom of speech and proactive position



–       HRA helps the community to improve and/or
resolve issues in following areas

(Health sector, Environments, Roads and
Transportation, Accessibility, Education and community service)

–       HRA communicates with town
residents through the Social Media channels (Community Web side, Facebook,
Twitter, Newsletters) and directly at the meetings and assembles.

–       HRA advocates and acts on behalf
of all town residents regardless their age.