The purpose of this report is to evaluate the strategic
practice of a chosen organisation, through observation and critical analysis of
both the internal and external business environment surround the airline. It will
apply strategic management tools and theories to conduct the analysis and
evaluate the organisation’s current existing strategies. Further recommendations
will also be outlined, giving propositions regarding alternative strategies for
the future strategic direction of the organisation. The chosen organisation for
this report is Qatar Airways.

Strategic planning requires interaction with internal and
external factors, as the industry is vulnerable to external changes. Through evaluating
academic research, Itani summarises ‘strategy’ as encircling ‘mission and
values, internal and external scanning formulation’ (Itani, 2014).

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2 Review of Strategic Management

Th? proc?ss of strat?gic manag?m?nt analys?s various
initiativ?s that are carri?d out by th? members of a company’s manag?m?nt on
b?half of their shareholders, involving r?sourc?s pr?s?nt within th? external environments.
This proc?ss compris?s of making a sp?cification of th? mission, vision and
obj?ctiv?s of th? organization. Th? d?v?lopm?nt of plans and polici?s that ar?
focus?d on achi?v? th?s? obj?ctiv?s which there would then be an allocation of
r?sourc?s in ord?r to implement th? polici?s and plans (Rajiv Nag et al, 2007).

Th? first st?p in th? strat?gic manag?m?nt proc?ss compris?s
of strat?gy formulation. It contribut?s to th? proc?ss of strat?gic manag?m?nt
through h?lp with th? d?v?lopm?nt of a vision and mission stat?m?nt, making an
id?ntification of ?xt?rnal opportunities and thr?ats, determining th? int?rnal
str?ngths and weaknesses of th? company, ?stablishing of long t?rm obj?ctiv?,
producing of alt?rnativ? strat?gi?s as w?ll as th? s?l?cting of particular
strat?gi?s to adh?r? to (Rajiv Nag et al, 2007).