What is Anxiety?Anxiety is the negative aspect of stress and a lot of the time is accompanied with high levels of stress, it can cause a number of things including nervousness and worry. Stress and anxiety are unique to each individual.There are 2 types of anxiety:Trait Anxiety State AnxietyTrait AnxietyTrait anxiety is when a person feels high levels of anxiety as part of their personality they tend to worry and panic in different types of situations .For example, Mike Tyson has a trait of being highly stressed and could have possible affected his past performances but also could have helped him maintain focus and motivation. Another example could be that two field goal kickers have equal physical skills place under identical pressure, yet have entirely different state anxiety reactions because of their personalities (their level of trait anxiety). Goalkeeper 1 is more laid back (low trait anxious) and does not perceive kicking the game winning goal as overly threatening. He does not experience more state anxiety than would be expected in such a situation. Goalkeeper 2 however is high trait anxious and consequently perceives the chance to kick (or in his view to miss) the winning field goal as very threatening.  He experiences tremendous state anxiety much more than we would expect in such a situation.State AnxietyState anxiety is anxiety felt in response to a specific situation and finds themselves threatened for example in basketball if a really good defender applies a tremendous amount of pressure the athlete could panic and not know what to do. Another example could be that an football goalkeeper feels slightly nervous before kick off (elevated state anxiety).  Once the game has started the nervousness disappears (state anxiety levels), towards the end of the game the goal starts to feel nervous again as there is a lot of pressure from the opposing team as it is a tight contest (High elevation of state anxiety).ArousalArousal is a blend of physiological and psychological activity in a person and it refers to the level of motivation, alertness and excitement at a particular moment.Athletes need to maintain optimal levels of arousal.  The intensity of arousal falls along a continuum and is dependent on each individual and the activities being participated in.