Continuing my education on a Master’s level helped accustom
me to the course format of this program. However, the focus on class through
curriculum work such as reading, problem-solving and other functions that the
Master’s level previously provided will no longer serve me as I pursue this
doctoral degree. This level of education focuses primarily on research and
professional development. Although the Master’s level provided me with an opportunity
to look at an array of information and take a methodical approach to
problem-solving, I must go beyond what I previously learned. To be considered
an expert, I will now be challenged to create my own path that expands beyond
my current knowledge and understanding. It will require independent research
and will challenge me to think analytically by conveying information in a clear,
concise and philosophical way.


To be successful in this doctoral program, I will have to
learn how to create new knowledge by seeking new material and building
connections. In doing so, I will have to get acclimated to the research
process, online libraries, publications and all of the scholarly tools I didn’t
regularly utilize on a Master’s level. Developing superior time management
skills will also be vital at the doctoral level due to its independent
structure. As compared to the Master’s level, the doctoral program is
unstructured. I will have to set my goals much differently now by giving myself
deadlines and create effective and efficient ways of assessing my own progress.

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My approach to this doctoral program will focus primarily on expansion in every
way imaginable.