4.0 their age, where they live, employment, salary


This research obtained the findings
from in-depth interview and content analysis. By doing in depth interview and content
analysis, this research objective could be achieved and answers all the
research questions. In depth interview was done to answer the first research question
which is to know the perception of young adults towards the usage of social
media as a tool for celebrity endorsement by Aurawhite beauty products. Next,
content analysis also was done by analysing the posts of Aurawhite’s celebrity
endorsement that are, Amyra Rosli, Ayda Jebat and Izzue Islam from the social media
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. By doing content analysis, it answers the second
research question which is to know the tactics used by Aurawhite in social
media through celebrity endorsement to promote its products. This research came
out with several themes for the analysis which was derived from the in-depth
interview session.

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By answering the research questions, in
depth interview was done by interview 8 participants from the purposive sampling
which is they must be young adult aged from 18 to 30, who staying in Selangor
and Kuala Lumpur area and who exposed to Aurawhite advertisement in social
media. There 6 parts of the semi-structured questions.

PART A – Demographical details about the

PART B – Social media consumption and the
reason why they have social media

PART C – Perceptions regarding celebrity
endorsement in social media to promote beauty products

PART D – Advantages and disadvantages of
celebrity endorsement in social media

PART E – Message acceptance

PART F – Impact of celebrity endorsements
towards buying decision



Part A in semi structured interview
was asked about participants’ demographic such as their age, where they live, employment,
salary and educational level.


Participants female 1 (PF1) is 24
years old who lives in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur and student of Bachelor Mass
Communication in Interpersonal Communication. Participant Male 2 (PM2) who age 22
staying in Semenyih, Selangor and student of Bachelor Mass Communication in
Public Relation. Participant Male 3 (PM3) is 23 years old who lives in Shah
Alam, Selangor and currently studying Bachelor Mass Communication in
Journalism. All these three participants are the students of Uitm Shah


Next participant female 4 (PF4) is 18
years old lives in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur who just finished her school and
waiting for her SPM result. Participant Female 5 (PF5) is 23 years old that
lives in Gombak, Selangor and just finished her Diploma in Culinary Art. Both
participants is not working whereas other three participants are working.


Participant Female 6 (PF6), is 28
years old who working as Customer Support and lives in Ampang range salary is
RM2000, and her education level is Degree whereas Participant Male 7 (PM7), is
26 years old who lives in Gombak, Selangor working as Technician range salary
is RM2500 and his education level is Diploma. Last participant, which is
Participant Female (PF8), is 25 years old, lives in Ampang working as Business
Executive and her education level is Diploma.


The participants’ age range from 18
to 28, there are three male participants because they have to give their perceptions
towards Auramen’s products whereas five female participants, have for in depth interview.
There are three participants who are working and their range of salary is below
RM3000, three participants are still studying and two participants are not
working and just finish their studies. All participants are from Selangor and
Kuala Lumpur area. From the demographical details, it also would influence
their answers for in depth interview.




All of the participants mostly have
Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The most active using Facebook are PM2, PF4
and PF5 whereas PM3 seems like he is more active on Twitter and others are
using Instagram. All of them are using social media by their phones. PM2 and PM3
are using the social media almost every time, whereas PF1 and PF4 is using it
at night and participants who are working are just use social media when they
have time to use it. Four out of eight participants have social media because
of they need to get information from social media and interact with people. As
mentioned by Participant Male 3,

To gain the current information, get up
to date what happen around us, interact with people, and keeps the connection
with each other. (PM3)

Participant Female 5 also have same
reason as PM 3,

a lot of information like online shopping and people’s newsfeed. (PF5)

Most of them are following celebrities
in their social media but different with PF1, she just type celebrity name on
search button to see the update. The reason they follow the celebrities in
social media because they wanted to know celebrities’ lifestyle activity, their
background and because they like the celebrity that they follow. All of them
are noticed about Aurawhite beauty product post in social media.

PF1 and PF6 are using it to do online
shopping from Instashop whereas PF8 using it to make be socializing with people.
PM7 is using social media just because of trend only.


PART C: Perceptions

Celebrity endorsement has widely used in
many platform since years ago, but today celebrity endorsement is currently
being used in social media. In conjunction with that, this research needs to
know the perceptions of young adults regarding this matter.

RQ 1: What is the perception of young adults
towards the usage of celebrity endorsement in social media by Aurawhite brand?

It is a doubtful result.

I am okay with that  if they can prove that  the celebrity is really using that particular
product for minimum period which is one year because celebrity is known as
beautiful, they will going to spa for facial and treatments, consuming vitamin
C and so on. (PM2)

Does not mean that they are using the
product they endorsed. (PF4)

Celebrity is used for the marketing only,
we do not have any idea if they are consume it or not. (PM7)

From the participants’ answers, it is
shows that they are just endorsing a beauty product but it does not show that
they are really using it. However, they are still has positive perception
regarding this matter.

Attract their followers

They smart enough  to use their social media because they have a
lot of followers, so their post is will attract their followers to try the
product that they endorsed and their followers will see what product that they
use for their face. (PF1)

They try to interact with fan, so as
public figure they should tell their activities and what product that they are
using. (PM3)

To attract netizen because when celebrity
using a product, they will find it is good and they have larger target market
and something that people want it. (PF5)

 Great platform for marketing

To increases sales for a product. (PF6)

It is a great platform of marketing to promote
the product. (PF8)


All of them are noticed that Aurawhite Beauty
product is utilizing celebrity endorsement in social media such as Amyra Rosli,
Ayda Jebat and Izzue Islam. When participants were asked about either they are
suitable or not being celebrity endorsement for Aurawhite, most of them give
positive answers.

Yes, they are suitable because they have
healthy and flawless skin that will attract interest of their followers to use
Aurawhite and feeling that they are beautiful as them. (PF1)

Izzue Islam has credibility, his personality
is okay. Ayda Jebat is happening so they are suitable for the product. (PM3)

Suitable because they be the icon for the
Aurawhite and people will be more convinced and confident to use that product.

However, negative answers also occur
because they think that Aurawhite is trying to manipulate consumer by using
celebrity who already beautiful and white.  As mentioned by PM2:

Not suitable because if they really want
to tell people the genuine result, so they must choose celebrity that have not
healthy skin so that we will see the difference before and after consumption of
the product. From that, people will believe the result. (PM2)

The participants also were asked about
celebrity that active using their social media to promote the product that they

Sometimes I feel quite annoying because I
follow them to know about them not about the products. (PF1)

PM2 also said that he feels annoying with
celebrity who active on social media to promote beauty products in social

Looks like they don’t enjoy their life
because always doing work and too much information makes me feel annoying.(PM2)

It is supported by PM3, he said that

Quite annoying, I want to know their
lifestyle not about that product only. (PM3)


PF5 and PF6 have positive perceptions
regarding this question which it is a good platform to promote.

It is a good platform to start a business
so they must active to promote their products. (PF5)

because it is a platform to promote because they have many followers. (PF6)

When it comes to interesting posts in
social media by the celebrity about beauty products, five out of eight participants
will buy the product. As mentioned by PM2:

I am more in to the ingredient itself if
it is rare, discovers mostly natural ingredient, definitely I will try. (PM2)

There are two participants, who will buy
the product based on the review as mentioned by PF5 and PF6,

will look at the review as well, if the review is good, then only I will buy
the product.

PM3 and PF4 mentioned that if the post
regarding beauty products is interesting they would not buy it because afraid
of it is not suitable for their skins.

I will buy but if for skincare product I
will consider because I afraid that it is not suitable for my skin. (PM3)

No, because I afraid
that it is not suitable for my skin. (PF4)

PM7 and PF8 stated that they did not buy
the beauty products, because they did not like to buy online.



Social media is best channel to promote
beauty products

Since nowadays, social media is widely
use globally, so it is widely spread information and fast response. It will make
social media as the best channel to promote products, especially beauty
products. All the participants are agree that social media is the best channel
to promote beauty products. As mentioned by PF1,

Yes it is, because nowadays many people
will use social media compared to ancient times, just watching television. Now
everyone have smart phones so it easy to access social media to increasing the
businesses. (PF1)

It is also agreed by PM3 because social
media may target to wider audiences.

Yes because many people are using social
media so the information will spread so fast to larger target market because it
is free access. (PM3)

PF6 also mentioned that social media is
the best way to promote beauty products because people can see the review.

Good, because we can see people’s review.

Although social media is the best channel
to promote beauty product, it does not mean that it is the only channel that
could be used for promotional strategies. It is must included with mass media as
well. As mentioned by PF1,

must be put together with print and mass media. (PF1)

It is also supported by PM7, he said

media only is not enough, television must be included. (PM7)

PF4 also states that social media is not

enough because not everyone have social media. (PF4)


However two participants agree that it is
enough to promote beauty products in social media as social media could spread
information widely. PM3 state:

Enough, because people will look once and
they will aware about that product because people need to do other things as
well, billboard also could be included because it saves time. (PM3)

Enough, it is because many people are
using social media. (PF6)

When a beauty product utilizing social
media, it must have their advantages and disadvantages as well. To know about
it, there












4.1 RQ1: What is the impact
of Arabic Font (Jawi writing) at the signboard in Melaka towards people in

4.1.1: The Jawi signboard in
Melaka makes people always remember to maintain the identity of Malay Culture

Based on the answer from every
informant, the signboard does give impact to the people because they always can
learn Arabic font. Shakila, one of Melaka people said that,

“Teenagers nowadays are
more on IT so with having the Arabic font on signboard, they can learn
something else, they learn about Jawi font at religious school then after
finished school, they entered the University and the students all have forgotten
that Jawi they learned.” – (Respondent 1)

Alif also agree that it will
make people take initiative to keep Malay identity.

“The signboard impact is little because now Jawi
receives less acceptance in technological world. But in other way of viewing about
the signboard and its impact is that the signboard is an initiative action in
order to keep the malay and Islamic tradition in Malaysia.” – (Respondent