Melvin (Melvin Mahoney) worked
as a solder. He finished his study at engineering university. June (June Lee Mahoney) also worked. She got a science degree. They married. At the beginning of the newly-wedded
life, the spouses agreed with paying half and half of living Cost. During
marriage, He got the MBA degree from IVY league. studying MBA for almost 2
years, Melvin was not able to pay their living expenses. June support about $24,000
during that period. His tuition fee was supported by the company which he
worked. after he got the MBA degree, he was employed at very Famous Bank. His wife,
June got the part-time mater degree in microbiology at University and finished
it. In 1979, Melvin decided to divorce and file a suit for
divorce. June also asked divorce. They were separated for 1.5 years. The trial
Court decided the order of divorce and that Melvin should compensate his wife some
amount of money which was not explained how the judge calculate. Melvin