3. ample parking, is wheelchair accessible and

3.      Findings

3.1    The Falkirk wheel

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The Falkirk wheel is in Falkirk, Scotland.  It is located about 23 miles from both Glasgow
and Edinburgh. It is open Wednesday to Sunday most of the year.


The Forth & Clyde and Union Canals were linked in the 1930’s by a
staircase of 11 locks which would have took you almost a day to passage.  In 1933 these were dismantled.  (Scottish
Canals, 2017).


An ambitious £84.5 million project was started in 1998 called the
Millennium Link project, this was to re-join the two canals.  Her Majesty, The Queen, in 2002 opened the
world’s first and only rotating boat lift which has since then seen more than
5.5 million visitors.  (Scottish Canals, 2017).


The Falkirk wheel is easily accessible by car, train or bus and has
ample parking, is wheelchair accessible and dog and child friendly.  It also hosts a fantastic water play park and
a play park.


The boat trip itself is just short of an hour long and costs between
£1.50 – £12.95 per person.  The
attractions opening times, including the on-site café, are between 1100hrs and 1600hrs.  (Scottish
Canals, 2017).


During oral interviews, included within the questionnaires, some of the local
population’s opinions about the Falkirk wheel were:


3.2    The Helix


The Helix Park is located in Falkirk, Scotland.
 It is accessible 24 hours a day, all
year unless there are special circumstances. 


The Falkirk Greenspace Initiative, 2003, is where
the Helix was born from.  The initiative
was to build an Eco park transforming 350 hectares of land between Grangemouth
and Falkirk.  From the Big Lottery in November 2007, the maximum amount of
£25 million pounds was granted to fund the build of the Helix, which now connects
16 local communities through its extensive path networks.  (The
Helix, 2017).


Nearly 20,000 people attended the opening of The
Helix on 14th September 2013, which saw community art projects and popular
artists creating an entertaining spectacle across the park. The Helix remains
very busy to this day, with families, runners, dog walkers, Nordic Walkers,
cyclists and skaters all enjoying The Helix. 
(The Helix, 2017).


The Helix’s Visitor Centre is open 0930hrs to 1700hrs, 7 days a week.  There is ample parking, refreshments and
toilet facilities.


During oral interviews, included within the questionnaires, some of the
local population’s opinions about The Helix were:


3.3    The Kelpies


The Kelpies are located in Falkirk, Scotland, about
19 miles from Edinburgh and 35 miles from Glasgow.  The Kelpies are accessible for a visit 24hrs
a day, however, The Kelpies Tours only runs at specific times.


The Kelpies was chosen by Scottish Canals, a
project that was designed by Andy Scott, it was named so, to reflect the
mythological beasts, possessing the strength and endurance of 100 horses. The
Kelpies were Andy’s vision of the history of the heavy horse industry that
shaped the structural layout of the area.  (The
Helix, 2017).


“I see The
Kelpies as a personification of local and national equine history, of the lost
industries of Scotland. I also envisage them as a symbol of modern Scotland –
proud and majestic, of the people and the land. They are the culmination of
cutting edge technology and hand crafted artisanship, created by our country’s
leading experts through international partnerships”.  (Andy
Scott, 2015).


The Kelpies Tour costs
between £0 – £7.50 pp.  There are toilet
facilities and refreshments available and parking on site is free at the Helix
Park and Falkirk stadium which is open 1000hrs – 2300hrs, daily.  The Kelpies are beautifully light up every
night.  (The Helix, 2017).


During oral interviews, local people said the following about the


3.4    The Alloa Tower


The Alloa Tower is located in Alloa, which is in Clackmannanshire,
Scotland.  It is open daily, however,
afternoons only.


This wonderful medieval tower house is one of the best
designed, constructed and largest of its type in the whole of Scotland.  From the 15th century until c1800 it was the
home of the renowned Erskine family, Earls of Mar.  The Erskine’s were the guardians of Mary,
Queen of Scots.  (Clackmannanshire Council, 2017).


Sadly, the mansion was severely damaged in 1800 by a fire,
however, due to its solid constructed the tower survived and was carefully
renovated to its likely appearance by the Alloa Tower Building Preservation
Trust in 1712.  In 1997, after an 8-year
restoration project, Her Majesty, The Queen, opened the tower to visitors to
mark its 500th anniversary.  (Clackmannanshire Council, 2017).


The cost of admission is Adult: £6.50 and Family: £16.50.  Car parking is available together with


During oral interviews, local people said the following
about the Alloa Tower:


3.5    Gartmorn
Dam Country Park


Gartmorn Dam is located in, Sauchie, Alloa, Scotland.  


Sir John Erskine, 6th Earl of Mar manufactured the 170-acre reservoir to
power the pumps which drained his mines in Sauchie.  It provided water power for pumping the coal
mines.  In 1820 the right was granted to
the Burgh, by the Earl of Mar, to extract water from it due to ever growing
population and industrial developments in Alloa.  (Clackmannanshire
Council, 2017).  


The parks many routes link a lot of the local communities together and
it is a peaceful retreat for people walking, cycling, horse riding or
picnicking.  Many birds live in Gartmorn
all year round and there is a special site for migratory wildlife during the
winter months and they breed here during the summer time.  (Clackmannanshire
Council, 2017).  


The park gates are open daily from 0830hrs until
dusk.  Parking is free near the visitor center and
main footpaths.  There are no
refreshments at present however, this is looking to change in the very near