27. the bandwidth was low so we

27. Optimization of energy use in single wireless network: As
the most common procedure for saving energy for device especially we are on ups
energy is that we can turn off the Wi-Fi when no one is using them. The impact of the result on other research would seem to depend on
how distinct the solutions are from the excellent results that are being
achieved for multi-hop adhoc networks.

28. Protocols for continuously disrupting network: But now a
days networking protocols are fail tolerant and they are very stable as compared
to past year. But, if you are going in a car at a high speed at continuously handshaking
method is applying then how to optimize the data communication protocol for
such an environment. This question can result in research in disrupted edge
networks and other is how to apply disruption to over 3 billion people.

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29. What if we give devices multi power levels: There are
three common power levels on, off and doorbell mode. In on mode all the time
device remain on and consume a lot of power and in off mode device remain
always off and carry no power but in doorbell mode the device remain off until
some activity can made them on. As we make the low energy devices so the thing
come is that how the designer understand the energy tradeoff of various devices
on various decisions.

30. Increase energy efficiency by reducing packer headers: In
the past time when the bandwidth was low so we compress the packer headers size
to send the message and we have doorbell like technique to make energy
efficiency better. So does these techniques are used for optimizing the energy
efficiency and compressing the packet size.

31. Standard traffic model for energy efficiency: Our
traffic model is good for performance so the engineers are able to have a good
benchmarking results for networking model but what about energy efficiency,
high performance can cause a lot of energy issues. The best way is that t have
high load high energy, high load low energy then low load high energy and then
low load and low energy then after benchmarking we can get the important statics
to have a traffic model to see the best have to have balance between
performance and energy.

32. Having a control channel for spectrum sharing: Let
assume we have a softer defined radio machines in an area that know what spectrum
is available and how to use the spectrum, but the problem is that after using
the spectrum devices are leaving and new devices are coming continuously. So the
question is that how to manage the newly coming devices and then agree them to
share spectrum and share resources.

33. Software define optical devices: Most of the part of
optical devices are the part of hardware and they are working well and no one
ever talk about software defined optical devices. Like fiber optical cables are
the major part of our society for data communicating for a long time.

34. How much information can we extract form a
time series