Natural disaster: Some species become endangered/extinct when a natural disaster, such as a volcano eruption or an earthquake occurs, animals near the natural disaster die. If the animals are located within a small area, this may lead to endangerment of animals. An example of this is after the ice ages. The climate became warmer after the ice ages. Many animals couldn’t survive the warmer climate, so they went extinct. Pollution: Garbage such as plastic bags and plastic bottles are thrown into an animal’s habitat, they cause acidity in the air. When this acidity combines with the water in clouds, it causes acid rain, which can harm an animal’s habitat and, if it directly makes contact with the animal, kill it. If this keeps happening, it could lead to some animals being endangered.Pesticides and other chemicals: some pesticides can cause a lot of harm to the environment and the animals living there. An example of this is a chemical called DDT. When farmers put the pesticide on their plants, they are carried to nearby rivers by erosion. This will cause the fish to be poisoned. The poison will move along the food chain. If an eagle eats the poisoned fish, it will be poisoned. When the eagle laid eggs, the eggs would be very thin and would break before they could hatch due to the poison. This means that the eagle can not reproduce anymore. This will cause endangerment of the species.Introducing a species to a new environment: Some people take animals and put them in a new habitat. Sometimes they just die because the habitat doesn’t have the correct living conditions to suit their needs. But sometimes, the animal does so well in the new habitat that it ends up endangering the animals already living there by using up all of their resources.Taking them from the wild or hunting them: some people kill animals for fur. Some people catch insects such as rare butterflies to put in their collection. If this happens, these animals will become endangered. An example is the rhino. They are critically endangered due to their horns being worth a lot of money.